The Black Lives Matter movement


Narrator: Do not try this at home.


Do not mess with



I just saw this (old news, I know), but the woman is clearly saying the guys hit the cops before the video starts. You can’t see that in the video, so maybe it’s true, maybe it’s not, but that’s certainly what she is saying.

You also can see the guy on the left going for one of the cops at the beginning (but by that time the cops are hitting the other guys, so also very unclear).


My coworker lives on that block, she told me they don’t like the people who hang out there, they’re always being fresh with the women.

The start is not clear cut, but the end is pretty clear. After they’re down, they continue kicking them. And everyone has to put in a ceremonial kick. Like that fat guy who tries to remove his jacket and decides to keep it on. That’s brutality. They are just showing who’s boss.


I agree, I don’t want to seem I’m justifying the brutality, which is obviously excessive, I was trying to translate the audio.


More like a gang initiation: they all have to participate in the abuse as a way to signify their conformity and prove they are complicit and committed to the blue-vs-all gang. If you don’t get your kicks in you might be a dirty rat looking out for civil rights or something.


Can’t a Trumpster just shop in peace these days without black people around, forcing them to unleash racial slurs?


Hope it was worth it to her.


It is unclear how the encounter began.

Maybe they were arguing over the last box of Cap’n Crunch. It’s the only reasonable explanation really.


You take it!

No, I like the roof of my mouth intact. You take it.