The Blakemore Prophecy Timeline

Late 2003 : The United States sinks ever closer to full blown depression, the economy goes to pieces, unemployment reaches 8%.

Early 2004 : Riots in the Southwest including California, first early shots of the coming ethnic civil war are fired, widespread poverty creates new tent camps across the U.S.

Mid 2004 : Major international tensions escalate between North Korea, America, China and Russia over territory, resources and hegemony.

Late 2004 : California declares bankruptcy, shuts down all public services … within weeks there are permanent no-go regions in California like Miami where American law is no longer in effect

Early 2005 : Full blown ethnic wars break out sporadically in the U.S. in various cities on a continual basis, terrorists strike in a major American city, turning it into a desolate wasteland.

Mid 2005 : The Dow Jones drops below 3000 points. The U.S. dollar is now trading 4-to-1 against the Euro, even the Euro itself is ailing against Islamic Gold bonds, the new money of the Middle East. American dollars are being dumped worldwide by investors eager to shed it as it plunges in value.

Late 2005 : A run on American banks as the U.S. dollar suffers runaway inflation. A loaf of bread costs $140.00 U.S. at the grocery store. Unemployment reaches 20% nationwide.

Early 2006 : China, sensing American weakness, blockades Tiawan and announces a mutual defense pact with North Korea. American diplomats try to talk their way out of the mess, the U.S. government is bankrupt and can’t print enough money to pay soldier’s checks for military payroll.

Mid 2006 : American military attempts coup. President orders missile strikes against North Korea. Jerry Springer is chased by a hostile mob in New York and hung from a lamp post by piano wire.

2006 Year Zero, Day One : Nobody ever does figure out who started it. By the end of the year, there are 14 different nations engaged in all-out thermonuclear conflict using all resources available to them. 500 million people are dead by the end of the first day and three months later there are still missiles incoming on occasion. The United States has completely ceased to exist altogether. A few American submarines prowl the globe firing their remaining missiles before they are tracked down and destroyed.

2007 : The planet is completely unrecognizable from the air except for the basic outline of continents. More than 3/4 of the population has died worldwide, the remainder are dying of famine or disease. Around 5% of the survivalist core are thriving best in Australia, which is the only nation that retains something resembling an infrastructure and some government.

Looking at the above, I am now forced to agree.

And as an added boon the nation’s cultural and artistic landscape remains completely unchanged.

Well at least you predict SOME degree of poetic justice

Cleve, as great as all this was, your unemployment numbers reveal you to be the complete moron you are. When the economy goes completely to pieces we get 8% unemployment? 8%?

And you should probably read some basic macroeconomics to learn something about inflation. You’ve sorta got it, in a watches CNBC sort of way. Anyway, great work, this was really excellent.

The unemployment rate right now is at 9%. Just thought I’d throw that into the ring.

Wow. Rome didn’t collapse all of a sudden in three years, and Outback Nostradamus has the US going to pieces in that time. Everything moves faster in the mind of Superman.


“Outback Nostradamus” - LOL! :D

Rome was 80% small independent self-subsistent farmers who owned their own land.

Half of America will starve to death within one month if the incredibly complex food transport system so much as hiccups. America is a nation of renters who live paycheck to paycheck on meal to meal from McDonald’s. They are a kind of bizarre animal that requires super-delicate living conditions based on a pile of fake fiat money that must be churned endlessly to allow them to purchase food and water on a daily basis.

Even in the 1930’s the majority of Americans owned their homes, had gardens and could subsist on their own means. Today the United States is a land of pink, moist skinned baby grubs who will die in seconds when exposed to light or open air. They need the entire ZOG money merry-go-round to run perfectly 24 hours a day, because if it stops, they die. They have no life support systems to sustain them beyond the next paycheck.

Fake rebound of 1931 = Fake rebound of 2003

That’s three years if you’re lucky and my modest, reserved predictions unfold in the sluggish sequence I’ve outlined.

So we can tick that box right now?

So what’s the chances you are wrong Cleve? And what happens if you turn out to be wrong? I say you turn in your Burger King hat with ‘Supper Jenius’ written across it and sparkles and macaroni glued on and leave the forum for good. And since you’re already wrong you should do that right now.

Edit: this hardly qualifies as ‘Late 2003’, I’ll concede ‘middle’, but not late. You lose already.

I thought you just said we could tick off my first prediction.

The chance I am wrong about the chronology or trigger events is about 50%. The chance I am wrong about the scenario is zero. The chance I am wrong about the exact dates is 25%. The chance I am wrong altogether is zero.

Better shed some of that lard, Cookiepants, they’re coming to eat you! Your neighbors have already photographed you in the nude through your windows to get a good idea of how much meat you can provide them long term. You’re a prize, dude! You need to go out and buy some Adidas for your feet and learn to run like hell. You’re job #1 when the famine hits.

You left off an important date…

Will Grimoire ship before we all lose our PCs to EMP pulses in 2006?

You should keep a piece of ham taped to the side of your head to tear off and drop on the ground as a decoy if you have to make a dash for it.

Cookiepants, I can see you now waddling along crying with a crowd of about 5000 hungry people following you with steak knives and tabasco. You’re like a drive-through window with legs!

Hard to believe a genius supersurvivalist like Cleve has neglected to factor a strategy for selling his big-headed-baby game in the post-nuclear market into his master plan. I’m imagining he’ll sell copies from a desert shack to the few surviving sad souls with solar-powered laptops who want to take their mind off the horrors of bleeding gums, cancer and malnutrition by playing a shit home-made computer game that reminds them of happier times in the 1980s.

Grimoire already has a Pip-Boy port underway for the rugged core of survivors worldwide to play on their handheld devices. Once again, Whitta, you are behind the power curve.

You will be afforded one day to enjoy it with air raid sirens blaring away in the background, to see what might have been. Be sure to back your savegame up onto optical storage in the event your heads are snap frozen during nuclear winter and giant ant people revive you out of scientific curiosity in 2500 A.D. by putting your skull into a super-powered microwave device. You’ll then be able to ask to continue your game where you left off, of course you’ll probably have to use one of those mouth pen pointing devices in place of the mouse.

So Grimoire is going to be the only videogame available to play in the post-nuclear society? I think I’ll just take the blinding flash/blast wave option, thanks - sounds less painful in the long run.

So Cleve, who will be in charge of the Australian government- Liberal or Labour? I just want to start aligning myself now to be a part of the new Authority.

Late 2004 : California declares bankruptcy, shuts down all public services … within weeks there are permanent no-go regions in California like Miami where American law is no longer in effect

Thats too bad. I always liked visiting Miami, CA.

LOL! Maybe Cleve can get a job in the FOX News fact-checking department. They don’t care about accuracy either, and it’s run by another lunatic Australian-American. Sounds like a perfect match.

From FOX News on the night of the first US bombing of Baghdad, 2003:

“The bombs are now falling at the rate of ten per minute. That’s one every ten seconds!”