The blast of nostalgia in Chip's Challenge is free

The blast of nostalgia in Chip’s Challenge is free Chip’s Challenge, the simple grid puzzle game that first appeared on the Atari Lynx in 1989, is now free for your PC gaming pleasure. The title gained fame and fans when it was ported to Windows as part of Microsoft’s Entertainment Pack 4 in 1992 and the Best of Microsoft Entertainment Pack in 1995. PC players discovered how easy it was to create their own levels thanks to a simple text file that made modding possible. In fact, it proved so popular that creator Chuck Sommerville got to work on a sequel, Chip’s Challenge 2, which unfortunately wound up tangled in a legal battle that prevented a quick turnaround. Sommerville eventually published both games on Steam in 2015 after beginning work on a legally unbound spiritual sequel called Chuck’s Challenge 3D. Now, Chip McCallahan’s adventure to woo Melinda is free for everyone to enjoy like it’s Windows ’95.

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This and California Games were basically all I played on my Lynx. Maybe a bit of Klax and Rygar and Stun Runner, but mostly Chip’s Challenge.

The Steam version’s tileset doesn’t match the Windows version from my memory. No sale! (Yeah, yeah, it’s free. :P)

It looks like it’s been redrawn and also HDerised. Not sure why, as the original art would have been fine!