The Board Game Arena water cooler: jump in here to play boardgames with other Qt3 folks!

I have never played Overlord, but would be interested to try!

I enjoyed it! I’m up more Memoir if you want to keep playing.

I like how this is like a cross between amusing him and ambushing him. :)

I’ve joined the Lost Ruins of Arnak game with @bmarinari, @pizzaddict, and @jsnell only to discover it doesn’t include the expansion and we have to play with boring ol’ vanilla characters. Which is fine, but I just hope y’all playing Lost Ruins of Arnak in the realworld have the Expedition Leaders add-on! It’s, as the French say, de rigueur.

I was indeed both amused and ambushed.

I’m hoping the expansion comes to BGA soon, but I do still enjoy the base game. If I knew we were having seasoned veterans in the game, I might have enabled the Snake temple. :)

BGA is pretty terrible about including expansions. I suspect it’s to help… encourage… people to buy the physical games.

A few turn-based tables im starting!

Memoir (2P)
Play Memoir '44 for free with me: • Board Game Arena

Viticulture (Base, 4P)
Play Viticulture for free with me: • Board Game Arena

Imhotep (3P)
Play Imhotep for free with me: • Board Game Arena

There are also some games on BGA that I have never played, but would be willing to try with someone who is ok with new and clueless:

Ark Nova
Castles of Burgundy
Space Base
Agricola (ducks)
Great Western Trail
Stone Age
Kingdom Builders
The Crew
Beyond the Sun
Architects of the West Kingdom
Roll for the Galaxy
Blood Rage

So just a few :). Lmk

Happy to set up an Ark Nova game. Anyone else want to join? Would also be up for Barrage, though I’ve only played it once.

For Wingspan, there’s a dedicated app, which I highly recommend, though obviously BGA is “free”.

I would be up for some Ark Nova! One of my favorites at the moment.

Just want to put this out there in general for the timid: don’t worry about being a n00b, or playing a game for the first time etc. The games have rules and sometimes videos and tutorials right on the game page, and the rules are enforced by the app, so there’s no way to screw up! The worst you can do is just not take your turns in a reasonable amount of time. And even if you’re going to be away or something, just drop a note in chat.

For that matter, the mobile interface is generally great. I’ve been playing a friend in Ark Nova, and when I went away for the weekend, I played on my phone, and it was actually really easy. The one exception is a known issue on iPhones, where a held tap (which is used for “mouseover”) is intercepted by iOS for other features. Many games have a workaround (Ark Nova does this) where there’s a switch/button to enable “inspection” mode where you can tap something to get the mouseover.

So please, if anyone’s on the fence, please join in!

One slot left:

Play Ark Nova for free with me: • Board Game Arena

I need to learn how to play Ark Nova. It sounds cool.

Join the game then!

I don’t want to be a drag. I may join a future game though.

It’s not really the sort of game where you can be a drag, it’s mostly multiplayer solitaire. And we’re in widely separated time zones so I suspect there’s going to be long gaps between turns anyway.

It is genuinely remarkable how well the BGA implementation of Ark Nova works on mobile. That game sprawls on the table, and somehow they made it playable on my phone.

Are these games that are open now mostly “play by mail” type games where people do their turns when they can?

Most of my BGA time has been in live games, which I really enjoy. We have Discord, so live games are good.

Any interest in getting together for live gaming on BGA? I love a wide variety of games but especially the heavier stuff. I’ll hop on later and compile a list of games I’m particularly interested in, but I want to gauge the level of interest for live gaming at set times? For example, my group used to meet at 10am on Saturdays for BGA and then play a game or three depending on time/interest. I’m West Coast but fairly flexible on time.

I have owned Lost Ruins of Arnak for years now without being able to get it to the table, so I’d be up for trying a game of that. I’m MisterFoldy on BGA.

I also only have experience with BGA in live games, so would appreciate an explanation of how asynchronous games work (presuming that that’s how most of the recent games have been running…).

You take your turn/action, then you wait for a notification.

Games that I have played on BGA and enjoyed:

Castile of Burgundy
Stone Age
Feast for Odin
Marco Polo
St. Petersburg
Steam Works
Through the Ages

Also I see Beyond the Sun, Blood Rage, Anachrony, Gaia Project and Architects of the West Kingdom on there - which I’ve played live and enjoyed but haven’t played on BGA yet.

I’d be up for live plays on any of those - I’m happy to host. I have pretty good availability on the weekends.

I have never used BGA but I’m willing to try it out! Signed up as sfranklin1717 (since someone else already is ineffablebob on there, doesn’t happen often)

OK I joined too, my normal username was also taken so I signed up as FreeBeerTomorrow.