The Board Game Arena water cooler: jump in here to play boardgames with other Qt3 folks!

Board Game Arena has about a bazillion games available, some of which are actually good! And it’s got a pretty slick front end, with only minimal nagging to pay for a premium account. Even if you don’t have a premium account, you’ll find plenty of Qt3 folks willing to host games and post links where you can join.

Here is the link to our public user group. Feel free to join! Also feel free to jump into the thread to request players, to ask about specific games on BGA, or even to request that someone host a game. For more general boardgame discussions, here’s this year’s thread and if you search for specific titles, you might even find dedicated threads for those. Welcome and we hope to see you at the virtual table!

There is a Qto3 group (Qto3 • Board Game Arena) but I’m not an admin, I either can’t or don’t know how to add people. So we could revive that if any of the admins are still around or create a new one. Groups are useful because you can limit games to people in a group.

However, because of the way BGA works, saying “I’m up for a game” doesn’t really work. You have to create a specific game with a specific number of players, then either invite specific people or limit it to a group and then hope people show up.

Somebody should probably make a thread :)

I think we should make a new group - i see lots of Qt3 people joining, and already have a great game of Memoir going with bmarinari! Implementation works GREAT for that game, btw

Here are the folks running the current group under the name “Qto3”, which seems to be set up as an invite-only group and has nothing to do with me:

BGA Qto3

Since I either don’t know who they are or haven’t seen them in any boardgaming threads lately, I started a new BGA group under the name “Quarter to Three”. It’s public, anyone can join, and if anyone’s interested in playing something online, I’ll gladly join if it’s a game I know (sorry to be a wet blanket, but I’m not really interested in learning any new games these days).

Joined - thanks!

Well three of them are their literal Qt3 usernames (and avatars!) :)

@CaseyRobinson @rowe33 @Thraeg – sort it out!

ps For everyone else, the new group is here: Quarter to Three • Board Game Arena

That oooold BGA group is inactive. Happy to make @tomchick an admin of it if he wants, or just let the old group rot, since the new one exists.

Play King of Tokyo for free with me: King of Tokyo #384850686 • Board Game Arena

You can also get these shareable links for tables you setup. I started a King of Tokyo game for anyone interested

I know I said I didn’t want to learn any new games, but for something as dumb as King of Tokyo, I’m happy to make an exception. So long as I don’t have to be a monkey.

@dionisus1122 and I need two more players in this game of King of Tokyo!

I’m in. I haven’t tried the BGA version but it’s an enjoyable game to play at home with the family. One of the few my wife will actually play with us.

Neat! I didn’t know you could do that.

I actually have King of Tokyo in my massive “to get rid of” pile. :) Somewhere along the way I thought it would be a good idea to own a copy, since it’s sort of the go-to for brainless King of the Hill action. But it’s probably only been played two or three times, tops.

Anyway, we only need one more to get some four-player kaiju action up in here. Oops, too late, it’s game on with @CaseyRobinson joining us and I’m the giant chicken. BAWK BAWK, emeffers!!!1!

I love Yahtzee (ducks) so I also love King of Tokyo

Whoa, nice! They don’t make that easy to find. :)
I opened a game of Lost Ruins or Arnak if anyone wants to play. All levels welcome!

Play Lost Ruins of Arnak for free with me: Lost Ruins of Arnak: jsnell victory! • Board Game Arena

ohhhhh yeah. I’m in

So much winning! Only the first turn, but still.

EDIT: @bmarinari, I will definitely jump into your Arnak game if there’s still an open slot tomorrow morning!

Very simple game, and the BGA version guides each step you need to take

The game i’m really enjoying on BGA is Memoir 44. It is such a smooth implementation and scratches the exact same itch without setup and takedown.

I ambused bmarinari earlier in the week with a game and really enjoyed a match - if anyone is interest in semi-regular Memoir games, then let me know!

Overlord mode? Because that’s hard to make happen in real life.

I have never played Overlord, but would be interested to try!