The Board Game Arena water cooler: jump in here to play boardgames with other Qt3 folks!

The digital implementations allow you to wing some really complex board games, simply because they present you ONLY the things you can do, whereas real life (or things like tabletop sim) allow you to “anything” :)

I played through a full game of Anachrony on BGA and I’m still none the wiser on the actual rules. :)

So is there a way to find out what games are open in our group? Since no one expressed interest in live/real time gaming, I might try out some of the asynchronous games. Is there a list?

Edit: I found the “recent activity” tab which shows the recently opened games.

Any interest in me hosting an asynch game of something heavyish? Agricola, Feast for Odin, Gaia Project, Great Western Trail? I promise to only kick your collective butts into next week, not next year (I have played all of these many many times).

Or maybe something medium I haven’t played a bajillion times? Stone Age, Marco Polo, Tzolkin?

I would like to try Great Western Trail

Also happy to try Stone Age

I’ve played a reasonable number of games of Great Western Trail, but rarely do all that well. I’d be happy to play a game of that (or many other things), definitely async.

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I haven’t played any of them but would be willing to give any a try if you are okay with somebody trying to figure things out as we go.

OK I will start a game of Great Western Trail.

Here is a link to the BGA page, which has a link to a tutorial video:

I created a game for 4 players, standard settings, limited to QT3. It’s now “searching for players”. I don’t know how to link the game so you guys can sign up but presumably if you look for a Great Western Trail game it will pop up.

I joined, but you can share the link by going to your game and clicking an open, available seat, and snagging the ‘get link’ button :)

It won’t let me click an open available seat. This is the first time I’ve hosted asynch.

You have to do it before you start the game.

BGA is great, but man the game lobby stuff is awful.

I found it anyways by looking for Great Western Trail and picking the QT3 game.

Well now I know for next time.

Joined that GWT game. It now looks full but the lobby says “searching for players to fit your table”. Perhaps we’re just waiting for someone to take the first turn.

@Sharpe may need to start it

Hmm it never came out of the “searching” mode and I had to cancel it. Let’s have somebody else try to host one. Or I can try again tomorrow. It’s too late for my brain to try right now.

Yeah, that’s weird, it should have just started if it filled up.

I’m enjoying messing around in BGA enough that I went ahead and did Premium for a month (which will likely become a yearly sub if I’m still enjoying it a month later). Which means I can start a game now! Anyone want to play some Earth?

Play Earth for free with me: • Board Game Arena

Earth is a tableau builder, where you build up an island of plants and terrain to attract animals and develop an ecosystem. I’ve only played myself a couple of times. I set this game for the slightly-less-complex beginner mode, so anyone interested in learning is welcome!

Brief comment on learning games digitally. I struggle with it and maybe will post more to general board game thread but I just came across this paragraph from Polygon’s review of Root on Switch and it hits some key points - applicable to Root and much less complicated games as well, I think (emphasis added):

The digital experience, by its very nature, is much more opaque. Play is smooth and speedy due to the automation of resource management, but it’s extremely difficult for someone who doesn’t have a firm grasp on the whole game to understand the decisions other players are making. It’s trying to convey a literal table’s worth of information on a single screen, after all. You can parse through it all via menus, but the sheer volume of information in Root’s digital adaptation can be overwhelming.

And of course now BGA appears to be down (at least for me). (Edit: nvm, back up)

And yeah, online games without detailed log histories are bad. BGA is mostly ok about this. Root is awful. Terraforming Mars (the other online game app I use regularly despite the fact that I don’t like the game that much) is middling.