The Board Game Arena water cooler: jump in here to play boardgames with other Qt3 folks!

@matttutor and I have a bare bones (i.e. no add-ons) game of Innovation set up! We’d love a third player if anyone is interested. I haven’t played in dog’s years and I suspect Matt is probably an internationally ranked champion, so if anyone’s available to help me team up on him – shhh, don’t let him know our plan! – here’s the link:

EDIT: Game full! Thanks to @Tom_Mc!

He’s tolerating my complete bumbling first game pretty well :)

So is there a way to see if there are any open QT3 games on BGA? Or all games currently in progress?

I’m finding this Great Western Trail game fun and addictive so I’m willing to try another asynch game - who’s up for something medium to heavy? I believe I know how to obtain the link properly now.

No. I specifically asked this question in the forums. It’s a shame, that would be very useful. You’ll just have to post here/look for posts here.

I am willing to fumble through another learning experience. It’s a shame that there isn’t a way to see games set up for the group. That seems like an obvious thing to have.

I’ve been fumbling through a bunch games. My Great Western Trail and Ark Nova games especially egregious

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No, BGA is great for playing games but sucks for organizing the playing of them.

Also, in case people don’t know, there is a BGA Chrome Extension that will sit at the top of your browser and let you know if it’s your turn at a table.

My work day definitely doesn’t need that

Sorry I didn’t say anything here yet. I really like Innovation. I hadn’t really figured out the expansions. I am not sure it needs them.

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You could also post about it in the group chat on BGA. If we limit that chat to game invitations it will probably work sort of OKish for the purpose.

Another group I’m in uses Discord to handle game invites, we could setup a discord channel in the halfpastfour server for online game invites.

I’ve seen it work well in Discord as well, but didn’t know we had a discord channel for Qt3!

I keep biting my tongue but i just have to say it. I think of BGA as a good euro game platform but an oddity there is Unconditional Surrender, a hardcore nerdyman wargame. I do like that implementation though for more wargames and better implementations of them I go to Just in case there is any other player crossover here.

BGA also has Space Empires 4X. I just dont know if I like that game, but a lot of people do.

so far @bmarinari is kicking my butt

I’m so impressed with how BGA works now that I understand how it works.

Learning games is still a a struggle. In-person I can mostly pick a game up in a round or two, but on BGA I’m confused even through a full game. The flip-side is that it isn’t a big time investment to play multiple games and learn.

Hey, you beat me in the first Memoir, then I won by a single casualty in the second!

Yeah, I generally have only been playing games that I learned in person, but for the others, I end up keeping the rules open in a browser tab.

One cool feature is that there is a little note pad in the upper right that only you can see, so you can put little reminders in there (e.g. “Make sure to play a card with the first action next turn!”) to help keep your brain context going between turns.

Well that’s going to be handy now that I know about it.

Posted in Discord, but seem to get a little better response here:


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I just want to thank @matttutor for pulling me into a game of Carl Chudyk’s absolutely brilliant Innovation! I haven’t played this in five, maybe ten years, and even after only three turns, it’s glorious. Now I remember why this tiny unassuming box still grabs my eye when I look at a shelf full of games ten times its size. What a weird wonderful design, and what a clever way to present the sweep of history as a set of simple and evolving rules.

It also benefits from being on BGA with its nifty little interface. No more counting icons or losing track of who’s vulnerable to which move. If any of you guys want to see a game unlike anything else you’re playing, you should consider joining someone for a learning game of Innovation!