The bone-dry sci-fi of Stellaris, a game that doesn't even work


Lol! Oh man, just wait for them to get to our Spiritual Liege...


My rating of this game rating (ranting) is 1/5 (hated it).

My rating of the game however, is 3/5. If you're into 4x space strategy you'll probably enjoy it.


1 star? What the crap? I guess Tom is just a casual gamer or something? I mean, I'm not saying it's perfect, but this is by far the best sci-fi RTS we've had in decades. Much better than the disaster that was the MOO rehash, especially considering how easy it is to mod. In fact, there's an endless list of mods that solve every single argument you've made here. Fair enough if you only wanted to review the vanilla game, but you could have at least mentioned the fact that it was made to be very mod friendly. That's a HUGE plus when it comes to a game's shelf life, it has a very large and active community churning mods out a dozen-a-day, and it's the reason people will still be playing this in large number, 10 years from now.


MODS. You gotta be kidding. Like, hey, we made this crap game, but guess what, THE COMMUNITY CAN FIX IT. Now give us a high score for that incredible feature!!!1111

You obviously have not played Star Ruler 2. Enough said.


TLDR: Stellaris is garbage. Contentwise, UIwise, Combatwise.


Game is not a "crap game for the community to fix". Game is a decent game, made even better by being extremely easy to modify by design.

If the game has been developed with the idea that it will be as openly moddable as possible, and the developers strived for a large modding community from conception and ensured modding was a large feature of the game, then to completely ignore that fact when reviewing the game is completely asenine.

Even moreso when such mods that do exist (some even made by the developers themselves) correct every single one of these "issues" with the game listed in this slander-piece. They aren't even issues at all. Just personal gripes.

And yes, I have played star ruler 2 FYI. Unlike you, I've played pretty much every other RTS title to date and those that allow for mods tend to still be played, even after 10-20 years. They're a big deal, stick with console/mobile games if you like your games unmoddable, you casual pleb.


So, what you're saying is, that these aliens are just like humans but with different textures?


Really funny… one of the main complaints you had- the sectors being completely out of your hands and generally being poorly managed by the AI -has for the most part been changed with patches since release. In fact, the whole sector/governor system got changed about- there’s now only one governor for the ‘core sector’ instead of one per planet, and sectors seem to have a lot better management in general… and if you don’t like that management, you can still get in there and muck with things personally without having to remove the planet from the sector.

Not sure about the UI stuff- I never really recall having that much of a problem with the game’s UI, and I’m not sure of any specifics that have changed since I first played the game.

Not sure what exactly to say about the complaints with the interstellar empires and what to expect from them. Your hypothetical ‘Ooki-Naka Federation’, for instance… my first question is: what personality archetype is it? Are they Hegemonic Imperialists? Are they Democratic Crusaders? Are they Evangelizing Zealots? These are the parts worth paying attention to with the alien empires- this is who they are, not the name they’re given. Sometimes there are multiples, and they will collaborate to the detriment of everyone else around them, generally, unless they’re a personality that just doesn’t get along with anyone, like Fanatic Purifiers (had one of those near me recently- they actually pissed off one of our mutual neighbors but couldn’t back up their vitriol, so they crumpled like a wad of foil. Eventually absorbed the whole lot and showed them the true path of the Greater Good). Multiple Hegemonic Imperialists will tend to hate each other if they’re neighbors, but if there’s another on the other side of their neighbors they’ll befriend them and probably work together to crush their mutual neighbors, given the opportunity.

These are just a few examples of the interactions that can happen. What are those crazy Evangelizing Zealots going to do next, for instance? I think the problem was you were looking at the wrong set of words tied to the alien empires. Sure the names help you tell them apart, but the real meat is determined by their personalities, which are admittedly based on ethics/ethos, government type, civics… But once they’re defined, the AI has a certain behavior based on that. Also, the ethics/ethos and government elements of the game have gotten some reworks since you wrote this, so there’s that, too. Plenty of changes to the game, and they don’t even require DLC to experience.


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We do have another Stellaris thread that has more recent discussion, just fyi:


​So is there a true inheritor to Moo2 out there today? ​


Yep. It holds up.


I really like Stars in Shadow partly for how it mimics the light-hearted tone of MOO2, but mostly for how it’s all about setting up cool tactical battles. The colony management stuff is mainly a support system for combat in which your cool ships, weapons, and gimmicks fight the other guy’s cool ships, weapons, and gimmicks. It reminds me a lot of MOO2.



Will take a look. Thanks.


Can’t say I agree, Stars in a shadow is at best a simple version of moo 2, to get the original moo 2 feeling, you should probably just get moo 2, its a more complex and rewarding game.


You can’t say you agree that I really like Stars in Shadow, or that it reminds me of MOO2. :)

MOO2 does hold up, but I’m assuming @solomani has already got it. The question was about which games are “inheritors”. There are plenty of great space 4Xs, but what strikes me about MOO2 and Stars in Shadow is that they both emphasize tactical combat. I can’t think of any other sci-fi 4Xs that do that. Sins of a Solar Empire, but it’s really an RTS. Are there any sci-fi 4Xs I’m overlooking?



Polaris Sector does this too, and in real time both in the tactical battles and on the 4X map.


Moo1 is the true father, moo2 just a wayward son, and maybe moo1 will finally get some imitators.


I agree 100% with this. Of all the space 4X games I’ve played since MOO2, Stars in Shadow is the one that reminds me of it the most.



This is a remake though not finished yet.


Oui Oui!

And it has less micromanagement than MOO2 which is an improvement IMHO.