The Boondocks

No love for the Boondocks? Strip or show?

Cause that last episode was unbelievably awesome.

People actually watch that schizoid abomination of a show?

Nice troll.

Hell yeah we do, player hatin’ ass nykuh.

The new season isn’t as intelligent, funny, well-animated, or emotional as the first two, but it’s still better than most of the trash on cartoon network.

I still tear up whenever I watch “Riley Wuz Here” and the 1st season finale, that episode should have been Emmy nominated (seriously).

I don’t know, I think the second season was the weak season (though neither are as good as the first). I’m a fan of the Stinkmeaner, Obama, and Fundraiser episodes this year. The Ruckus focused episode was not good at all (probably not as bad as the Usher episode in S2 though) . Bitches to Rags, Kickball, and Smokin With Cigarettes were good but not great.

And the animation is great this season. Much better than most anime shows. I just wish they would give Huey more face time rather than being a somewhat omnipotent 10 year old.

Please. Now THIS is a good troll:

beyond the first episode, the third season is just so godawful

i had much better hopes for the final season.

You didn’t like the last episode? I thought it was the best Riley episode in ages.

I don’t have cable, so i’m on a bit of a delay. The last one I bought off Itunes was Stinkmeaner 3 which I didn’t enjoy at all.

Yeah the 3rd season has been disappointing so far, “Smokin’ with Cigarettes” is a perfect example of what I’m talking about: if you hadn’t seen Juice or the other films it’s referencing it really would seem schizophrenic and generally all-over-the-place.

Season 2 was much better animated and acted than season 1. They were able to outsource a lot of the animation and rendering and it shows in almost every episode.

The term “troll” doesn’t mean what you think it means.

Actually the whole plot with the kid stealing the car and his whole attitude is even from a Youtube video. They need show notes.

I think the latest episode while still containing a ton of references, is more reliant on it’s plot and themes.