The Brodeo Reunion - Live at PAX 09'

So the news is out tonight that PAX is trying to organize a Brodeo reunion for the 09’ convention!

I was pretty crushed when GFW and shortly thereafter GFW Radio ended. It was by far the best gaming related podcast in my opinion.

There’s the link to the news story, the participants seem all but confirmed and consist of: Shawn Elliott, Jeff Green, Ryan Scott, Sean Malloy and Robert Ashley. They apparently need some donations to get his thing off the ground. I’ve never donated to anything pretty much ever, but I plan to throw in my couple bucks. It’s literally the least I can do in exchange for the hours and hours of entertainment these guys have provided me.

I’m excited.

I was thinking about going to PAX, but this seals the deal. See people in seattle :)

Donation for what, exactly?

given that price and number of people, airfare + hotel

Generally blue highlighted and underlined text in a web-browser signifies some sort of click-able link. Some of these links even contain information.

A brilliant thing that web. :P

Couldn’t resist being a dick sorry: they say the donations are so they can pay for the room that they are having the reunion in. They’re looking to raise about $2500.