The Burning Crusade: Now Downloadable from Blizzard

“You can now buy account-upgrade keys and download the game client for World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade directly through the account-management section of The direct online upgrade method is the most convenient way to upgrade to The Burning Crusade and join the millions of players who are already adventuring beyond the Dark Portal.”

Going to “” now redirects you to the upgrade splash page. I am amused by this turn of events.

Edit: BTW, I didn’t mean to explicitly set a link in there – that’s just how the boards automatically parse the URL, I guess. Never noticed that before.

Thats kinda cool I guess.

Boy I wish they’d done this right off the bat. I know it would have eaten into retail sales, but I’d have gladly avoided going to Best Buy or ordering it from Amazon to download it the day of release.

Cool but LATE.

I would have spared about $40 (shipment & taxes to italy) if they had it before.

I’m sure it was late on purpose. 3M+ people slamming 4GB of data, even bittorrent, in the first 24-48hrs would have made ISPs cry.

That’s why you make people start to download the client just as it goes gold instead of waiting the day of release.

Nobody ever said that data distribution and infrastructure planning was Blizzards strong suit. ;)

As stupid as it sounds, there is some purchasing obstacle that is easier to hurdle when you can click and enter your credit card info online rather than having to pick up the box and carry it to the checkout counter. However, I am wierd.

I am more likely to get it now.

If your local store carrying BC has long lines or a smelly clerk who proceeds to describe his Night Elf Huntress’s ass-chaps of smiting, then this is a big win. ;)

Also, I noticed that if you bought the box and upgraded your account you can log in and download the client (which would be good if you ever lost your media).

Great news! Anyone know how big the additional download for BC is?

Its 4 CDs.

This is one of the best parts of STEAM IMO. Let people DL the content when they want for several weeks beforehand and then they can unlock it at launch.