The Calculus of Assassination

And you thought you had tough meetings…

They also asked a mathematician to write a formula to determine acceptable civilian casualties per dead terrorist.

Save us, oh Beautiful Mind!

When’s the last time an Arab organization thought of trying to limit the ratio of civilian casualties?

Hezbollah? Hamas? PLO? They’re all “terrorist” organizations with state sponsors, and are part of governments, or are the actual governments of their own states.

At what point does it stop being mere terrorism and do you acknowledge that they’re waging a war whose intentions are to kill civilians of a specific religion and nationality? ie, genocide?

For fuck’s sake, you aren’t going to find anyone here who supports Hamas terror attacks. The issue is the hilarity of the horror of the Israeli decision to inflict casualties. Just because we criticize one side does not mean we support the other. In the case of Israel v. Hamas, Hezbollah, et al., it’s a given that Israel’s opponents are fucked up psychos. That’s why we don’t waste time pissing on about it. You may as well ask us to resolve that the sky is blue and puppies are cute, everyone already agrees, don’t use up any more oxygen on this one.

What Flowers said. It’s just funny.

I don’t think you understand, Jason. If you don’t end every post on this subject by mentioning how much you hate terrorists and think they all must be executed via assassination, regardless of civilian casualtues, you are, in fact, admitting that you love and wish to tongue kiss every single terrorist ever. Goddamned terrorist lover.

I’m 100% positive suicide bombers have their own formula for an acceptable terrorist-civillian death ratio, and I wouldn’t be even a little surprised if the numbers were exactly the same as this mathematician guy’s calculations.

So your LCD spy-missile worked?

You’re way off!