The Callisto Protocol - Dead Space spiritual successor?

I said this back when I saw the original trailer:

And now, they’ve announced that the game is coming out this December with the new trailer.

Coming to PC, Playstation and Xbox. If it’s as good as Dead Space, I’m in! I’m still surprised at how much I enjoyed Dead Space. I played through it 3 times, and will probably play through it again when the remake comes out.

Moar Gore.

Yep, I want to play that!

I’m a little disappointed. I already bought FIFA 23 at full price, so I was hoping for a little respite for my wallet, hoping it would get delayed to 2023 like every other big game.



Fine. Take my freakin’ $70. Geez.

Yeah, there’s little doubt I’ll end up buying Callisto Protocol and Dead Space, I guess the only question is which to play first.

Looks like some previews are starting to show up.

Am I really going to have to pay $70 for a game for the first time?

Just in case, I left enough money in my Microsoft Account if I do decide to do it. The Dead Space Remake is coming out in a similar time frame, but I figure, I’ve already played Dead Space, so I should pick up this one Day One if I have to pick between the two. On the other hand, I’ve already played through Dead Space three times, and I already know I’ll love it again.

This one has some spoilers, but in a game like this, that’s okay with me.

really wish it was in first-person, but i’ll probably pick it up regardless.

I saw this TV spot yesterday during Thanksgiving football games.

Anticipation rising. The game comes out a week from today, I believe.

I was sad to see a lot of death animations are locked into the season pass.

I’ll still get it, but its not something I want to see happen in future games.

Ah apparently the story was updated:

Update (11/23/22) - Striking Distance Studios CEO Glen A. Schofield took to Twitter to confirm that the team isn’t “holding anything back from the main game for the season pass.” This means that there will be no death animations locked behind the season pass for the main story.

That’s good news I guess. :) That would be a sucky way to get more money out of people. Glad they’re not doing that.

That’s pretty modest. My old cluncker should be able to handle it :)

No reviews until after launch… This really looks like my jam, but I’m gonna wait and read up before buying.

it will be time to remove the interrogation mark from the topic title, hopefully !