The carpal tunnel connecting Herzog Zwei and Defense of the Ancients

Title The carpal tunnel connecting Herzog Zwei and Defense of the Ancients
Author Jason McMaster
Posted in Games
When October 24, 2011

MOBA is a term that's becoming more popular in gaming, but how many know what it means and where it comes from? Quite a few I'm sure, but for those that might not know this article is for you..

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MOBA=Multiplayer Online Battle Arena=99.99% of all online games

What would you say about the accessibility of MOBAs to newbs? I believe there are a lot of us out there who've read about them, think it's a cool concept, but being more oriented towards single person gaming, haven't taken the plunge. Is there a way to get your feet wet without being laughed out of the game and having a lot of vile commentary tossed your way?

Also, am I wrong or were Turret Defense games (now popularized into stuff like Plants vs Zombies,etc) invented via a UMS Starcraft map?

That is the first place I either heard or played a game style like that, and I've been in love with them ever since.

Wait, so the original DotA was just one map? I guess I shouldn't have been surprised that LoL only has two or three... wow, I'd get bored so fast. :) I suppose a football pitch is only one map too.

The map design is based on that, yeah. I should have mentioned it. I meant spiritually for the Herzog ref.

It's.... a bad name

The community surrounding all these games are kind of harsh. DotA has a bots map you can play and League of Legends has co-op and bots. Some people I know have been yelled at in coop games,but that has to be rare.

Yeah, the original is based on a Starcraft map and displays the 3 lanes - middle, top and bottom. I always wished there were more maps but the different hijinks that you can get up to on the one make it last longer than you'd think.

I don't know as much about Tower Defense, but I wouldn't be surprised. I do love Tower Defense as well. Dungeon Defenders being one of my more recent obsessions