The Case of the Mysterious Dark Age of Camelot Server

So the rate at which one gets new powers is the key thing for most players, neither too slow nor too fast? I guess I just don’t understand, as this does nothing for me. Maybe it once did; I must be jaded because I don’t really remember.

Anyway, if you had a flatter experience curve it would be easier to try alternate characters without the need to grind through the same content over and over, as the time investment wouldn’t matter so much. Does that count as getting cool new powers? Or do people just really like the old “start at 1st level with nothing and work your way up” schtick so much that it never gets tired?

What about level 32 makes everything aftewards so boring? I admit I don’t have anywhere near the stamina to play that long.

CoH quickly gets boring for me, because after a while it’s impossible for me to keep not realizing that all the missions are exactly the same (ignoring the lame visit location X missions), and the mobs never do anything than sit on their thumb. I just reupped for “Guardians of the Golden Age”, which is fun for the casual roleplaying and good characters, but I won’t go beyond a month as already my suspension of disbelief is wavering.

I would probably play longer if I could more easily play around with different characters, and didn’t need a day or more of grinding to get a new character up to an interesting level.

CoH just turns into a grind after awhile. There’s very little variety in the game and very little to strive for after you get your major travel power.

It’s a cool game, but it wears thin quickly.