The Chappelle Theory

The sordid story of how the Dark Crusaders, a group of the most powerful members of the black community, waged a campaign of terror to shut down Dave Chappelle’s career. Some truly creepy stuff, although I find most of it hard to believe.

You ever notice how the black illuminati drives like this, but the white illuminati drives like THIS?

The Dark Crusaders went so far as to form a WoW guild to gank Dave constantly in an effort keep him from hitting 60 and getting bored with the game.

Bill Cosby - Tauren Hunter - Moostafa
Louis Farrakhan - Undead Rogue - Juhayter
Al Sharpton - Orc Warrior - Cantuchthis
Whoopi Goldberg - Troll Mage - Centaurskwair
Oprah Winfrey - Undead Warlock - Oprah
Robert L. Johnson - Undead Mage - Kamikview (Account banned due to repeated complaints of Barrens chat spam)
Jesse Jackson - Tauren Warrior - Hotbeef

I like this one:

Episode seven of Chappelle’s Show skewered the Star Wars franchise. It had a bit based around sexual molestation that occurs at the Jedi Academy. A reportedly furious George Lucas, demanded that his secretary place a call to Whoopi Goldberg…

This one is pretty great too.

So I read quite a bit of this crap…

But really - is Chapelle Show season 3 actually cancelled?

It was, but Comedy central started advertising the third season again to premiere after the new year. They had a montage they aired during their last laugh 2005 special. Part of me thinks this site is part of some viral marketing effort for the new season.

Considering it is run and hosted by this company - i think more than part of you should think this.


about half of the sketches were filmed before Chapelle quit. They are going to be aired as season 3.

None of the intros were filmed; so it remains to be seen how that’s handled.