The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina


So this show is pretty good. In fact, in watching it, one of the things that struck me is just how easily it all could’ve fallen apart.

I found the first few episodes to be a little wobbly. Then it sort of seems to figure out what its going to be, and some of the supporting cast step up (yes that IS Lucy Davis, from the UK version of The Office; oh, and I didn’t even recognize Bronson Pinchot until I saw his name in the credits, and even then I was like “is THAT him? Wait. Yeah. No. Yeah, that’s him.”)

I’ve enjoyed the way the show has rather cheerfully “gone for it.” There’s lots of blood, for one thing. And holy shit, they do NOT shy away from “Yep, we sure do love our Satan worship, being witches and whatnot.” Stay away if that stuff is going to put you off.

Great use of classic songs, too. Best TV show soundtrack in a while. Which brings me to my favorite thing so far in the show: the way it plays with its time setting. The show NEVER tells you what era it is set in. BUT…

–everyone’s car is vintage and cool
–no one ever uses a computer, much less a laptop
–no cellphones either
–at a Halloween party, everyone’s costume is more classic. Meaning, no Scream masks to be found
–the most modern song I’ve heard on the soundtrack is Cliff Richards’ “Devil Woman”, which is from 1976, I think. Also, I may have been kicking myself for never using that song in a Halloween mix ever.


On the other hand, if you appreciate that about the show, maybe check out the comic it’s based on because in comparison the show is really quite tame.

Not true. Ambrose has a laptop.


You don’t say. ;)

That’s right! And Hilda mentions having a bunch of horror movies “on video”.


I’ve got to get back to Afterlife with Archie. I started reading it after you recommended it two years ago but only got through two issues. Not sure why I stalled out… I loved them both. Time to start over and see it through.


And Sabrina’s Boyfriend uses a mobile phone in an episode I think. It is just the same vague anytime timeframe Riverdale is set in. It is even referenced in an early episode so both are in the same universe.


It was more of a general recommendation to the rest of the thread. :)


I was watching very closely to figure out the timeframe. It seems to basically be an alternate Earth 2018 where things are culturally the same, but most styles and technology are in the 60s. But iPhones and Laptops exist in the background. (the one time a character calls another who chooses not to pick up based on the caller id, it’s suddenly an iPhone!).

Really weird!

I sometimes find the tone a little strange in that Sabrina seems about equally upset with the school banning a book as she does with the witches eating children or whatever… though that’s kind of charm.


So is this basically Witchita (from Netflix’s Love) made for real?

(it looks amazing, will try to get the wife to watch)


That also fits being a teenager, where something always seems to be “the most important thing ever!” and that something changes from day to day.

I am through about three issues of the Chilling Adventures comics and for that version I think they mention the timing as being in the late '60s. The TV show does give that similar vintage feel, which aligns with the concept that time passes more slowly for witches. Greendale, being a hub of witch activity, seems to be stuck in time a bit too, which works. Plus, older cars just fit the look and style of the show – the smooth bubbles we drive now would not look right at all.

I’ve only seen the first two eps but like it so far. It’s great to see Michelle Gomez chewing up the screen, as she was so wonderful in Capaldi’s run in Doctor Who.


I tried to watch the first episode last night and only got about halfway through before I lost interest. I think I saw where they were going with it, but it seemed to be doing the “teen drama” thing… albeit with a knowing, winking air to it.

I might try and get back to it, but my TV-watching time is pretty limited.


Apparently this was originally supposed to be a CW show, so that makes sense. I’m through one episode and having a hard time not seeing it as The Chilling Adventures of Sally Draper – which I recognize is completely a “me” problem. Going to see if I can get past that this week.


Tone of the show:

No major spoilers really, just general worldbuilding

I don’t think it’s just Sabrina with the whiplash. Episode to episode it seems like the show will sometimes play an element for horror, for laughs, or take it seriously, and it can feel pretty random!

It’s also kind of weird to think about the Witch trials in this show. In real life they are some of the most horrific and evil things ever done. Because witches don’t exist and their crimes didn’t exist. And the show kind of plays them for sympathy points. But also in the shows… Satan is real, the witches were actually witches, the tests like Witch’s Marks actually did find witches, and witches were actually eating children and casually murdering mortals? I mean they still do that in 2018 fairly frequently!


Finished this tonight. While not awful, it sure ain’t great. Old Man Chewsthroughscenes is pretty fun though.


So is this a remake of the 90’s series? I don’t remember that to be too great.



No, it’s an adaptation of a current horror comic series The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

Both are based on the same Archie comics property, but the old TV show was a pretty light comedic adaptation, like a 90s version of the Archie comics. The new comic is a (quite good) straight horror title, with shades of e.g. Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing.


Hmm, I’ve been purposely skipping this series because I too thought it was a remake of the 90s show “Sabrina The Teenage Witch”.

Is this new show, “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” aimed at kids or adults?


Very much aimed at anyone from teens to adults. Works hard at capturing a Buffy/Veronica Mars vibe. Succeeds sometimes.


Like, twice. Maybe.


We’re only a couple of episodes in, but when I saw the headmaster I said (out loud): “Man, that guy looks just like a younger Bronson Pinchot.”

But the credits revealed: it is Bronson Pinchot! He’s aging pretty well. Or, I just assumed he was older than he is.


I didn’t recognize him at all and then saw his name in the credits and thought “Was he credited but not in that episode?”

And you’re right, he’s either aging spectacularly, or was much younger than I thought 30-odd years ago…or they did a nice job with his makeup.