The Chosen - Historical Drama from the Bible

Season 4 His the app… FTFY [*]

[*] sorry, couldn’t resist a super-oblique Christian punctuation joke from my Catholic elementary school years. :)

I don’t get it. :slight_smile:

Also fixed my poor grammar. :slight_smile:

Yeah, it was pretty silly and random. I changed your typo into a reference to a divine male pronoun, I guess because it’s a movie about Jesus? :) :) :)

Finally. It was first released in theaters a few months ago. The app release was delayed over distribution rights, which is not a particularly good look for a production that is supposedly primarily about spreading the Christian story. Not that I had any illusions that the real driver was always money for the production companies, but it would have been nice if they could have at least hidden it better.

The last episode of season 4 was finally released for streaming tonight on (and maybe various apps, hard to keep track after the distribution snafu). I didn’t think season 4 was as strong as the earlier ones, for a few reasons. I thought they overdid the Thomas/Ramah drama, there are several places where Jesus reacts like a human who doesn’t know the future immediately after saying something predicting that future, and I had a hard time following the various political maneuverings of the Jewish leaders during their meeting scenes. Having said all that, there’s still plenty to like. The bickering among the disciples after Jesus names Peter, the places where Jesus shows vulnerability and anxiety about the future (particularly to his mother), several small scenes focusing on characters who haven’t had much time in the spotlight (such as Little James). All of this is just setting up the big events of Holy Week, of course - how well this series is remembered is largely going to depend on the quality of season 5.

I have thought about watching this but something this long needs buy-in from my wife, who is the larger TV watcher between the two of us. I certainly don’t want to stream 4 seasons to my laptop in the corner like a hermit.

Now I’ve got to get her to roll from Fallout and Shogun to this. And of the two of us, she’s certainly not as religious in any way as I am.

I’m guessing there’ll be no need for spoiler alerts for Holy Week, eh?

A season of torture porn complete with mutilation, flesh eating, at least one cock (3 times) and a zombie!

And folks think the Bible is rated G!

Lol, the Israelites in the Hebrew Bible were bloodthirsty nomads following around a vengeful and capricious djinn who despite their ethic of ritual and cultural purity had sex with their daughters surprisingly often.

Looks like all 4 seasons are now on Peacock also.