The Church of Assangeology

A former supporter of Assange and posted bail for him now has doubts about the cult of personality that has developed around him.

I have seen flashes of Assange’s charm, brilliance and insightfulness – but I have also seen how instantaneous rock-star status has the power to make even the most clear-headed idealist feel that they are above the law and exempt from criticism.
We all want a hero. After WikiLeaks released the infamous Collateral Murder video in 2010, showing US troops gunning down a dozen civilians in Iraq, I jokingly asked if Assange was the new Jason Bourne, on the run and persecuted by the state. It would be a tragedy if a man who has done so much good were to end up tolerating only disciples and unwavering devotion, more like an Australian L Ron Hubbard.

> “If it’s a fair film, it will be pro-Julian Assange.”


The man’s long since started backfiring on the work he was doing.

I’m sorry, was the fact Assange is a narcissistic dickbag news to people? I had no idea . . .