The CIA wonders "Where our my rocket packs and flying cars?"

The CIA’s Global Trends 2015 report (made in 2000) about their predictions for 2015 is now making the rounds.

Here’s the stuff that impacts terrorism, always a fun topic. Additionally, they felt there was a real chance that Iraq could have obtained ICBM’s by now. A lot of stuff seems spot on, but it’s kind of neat to look into the mindset at the turn of the Millennia.

edit - and I really have to watch it when it comes to autofill and voice to text. Surprisingly, they don’t list autofill/autocorrect as a potential source of international friction.

Programmers invent (the equivalent) of rocket boots every monday before the first coffee. But these are buried over a ton of other source code, so nobody will see it.
Programmers are also somewhat like medieval crafters, and they don’t benefict much from progress, or will not until something is invented that allow it. So every time a programmer die, is like one old savant and all the master creations he could have created died with him… and probably all the master creations that he created will die too. Key element of programming is intention, the Why something is programmed, when the Intention die (nobody knows why something was coded) the code is dead (or undead) and is as good as random noise.

So this where your flyiing car. in programming code. And why you can’t see it. Maybe one day somebody would invent a machine that can capture and store Intention. No “what” or “how” or “where” or “when”, but “why”.

lol - indeed, Teiman. I can certainly see it that way, as in my organization we occasionally have some old SAS scripting that nobody except the guy that left the company five years ago knows how to handle. Although, I also really have to admit that I like the idea of undead code ;)

I have no idea what Teiman is talking about, but I’m pretty sure I’ve written undead code plenty of times. It’s certainly come back to haunt me.