The Claw anyone?

So does anybody here use that ‘The Claw’ FPS controller? How about that strategic commander controler with all the buttons that came out awhile ago. Or are you still a mouse/keyboard user.

Good ol Mouse n Keyboard. Arx Fatalis rox!


I have a brand new Claw that I purchased from
I tried it out one time and it was pretty good, but since I bought the nostromo speedpad n50, I decided to stick with that instead. And… I’m stuck with the Claw since I didn’t return it back immediately.

I’m willing to sell this item at a good price. As I previously stated, the Claw that I purchased is brand new. It’s only a month old. I’m willing to sell it for a very resonable price, and will pay for shipping.

Let me know if your interested.


I wasw mainly surious to see if anyone here used them. I looked up some more info on the it and from what I can tell there’s only a right-handed version around. None for lefties like me.

I’m quite happy with my Claw. Use it for all FPSes now. I am a righty, however.