The Closer with Dave Chappelle

Is the latest Comedy Special by Dave Chappelle any good? Should I watch it?

Also, he is making banking, so he isn’t getting canceled.

So I’ve heard, but are they really on the same level?

Yeah it could be seen as pretty offensive considering he compares Jews to invading group of people who just ruined their planet.

Gonna be hard to talk about this outside of P&R given the material.

Why would you want to or have to?
If we talked about “To Kill a Mocking Bird” would you feel compelled to not talk about the political statement of the book and movie?

Honestly, I can’t get around how Dave seemed to claim he was “Team TERF”. I don’t think there is an equivalent out there, except maybe claiming you are “Team KKK”.

It’s a group dedicated to erasing Transgender women completely. That sort of expression is not one I’m comfortable with.

As I took that show, he’s a little more nuanced about it. I most definitely didn’t get the impression he’d advocate violent oppression of trans people.

When you say that Gender is a Fact, doesn’t that mean that all Transgender people are liars?

Perhaps, but in the same sense that all artists and dreamers are liars.

A vagina (with associated equipment) is a vagina, and I can’t but agree with him that thats a stone cold fact. I also think that how one deals with these things is entirely up to them, as does (I think) mr. Chapelle.

It’s not though. Transgender is very much biology. You don’t really get much of a choice. You have a woman’s brain trapped in a man’s body or a man’s brain trapped in a woman’s body. You are getting all the signals that you are a man/woman.

One of the most interesting studies out there has to do with CT Scans. There is a significant difference between the brain of a Man and a Woman when you look at a CT Scan. Different ratio and all.

If you look were only to look at a CT Scan of a Transwoman, you would see that brain of a woman. The same with Transmen.

The most significant part of the person’s body, the brain, has been built in the gender they claim to be,.

Since this is ostensibly about the special and not its lightning-rod status, can anyone contribute at least one joke or topic that’s not in the news?

(I’m between Netflix subscriptions, so I can’t. 😇)

I think Chappelle argues that being cis female and trans female are different, with different practical implications for either life. I recall he is pretty explicit that he doesn’t hate trans females.

This is pretty interesting. Do you have a link you could share?

“When we look at the transgender brain, we see that the brain resembles the gender that the person identifies as,” Dr. Altinay says. For example, a person who is born with a penis but ends up identifying as a female often actually has some of the structural characteristics of a “female” brain.

TERF argues that they don’t exist and that Transwomen would supplant regular women because they believe that Transgender women are Men.

It sounds very similar to the Replacement Theory talked about by Tucker.

I feel like you are making gross overstatements here.

Brain patterns are tricky, there’s a trend, but it mostly overlaps for both genders.

Why not all?

You know what? Never mind. It’s hard to not imagine this is P&R, but hey, have fun. :)

Oh, it’s definitely P & R material. But it is also a Stand Up Special on Netflix. You can’t discuss this Special without discussing the Political Material, but you are still discussing a Television Special.

With Dave Chappelle, it is all about challenging those ideas, so you can’t discuss his special without jumping headfirst into P&R. So, here is it. It’s political, but it’s a show.

Honestly, though, I’ve recently come around to the idea that creating a Politics and Religion selection just walls people from having their beliefs challenged. It’s a way of defending the status quo, which favors people like me. I don’t need to examine my beliefs when talking about Television or movies or games, because very few people will challenge me, and when they do, I can simply argue that it’s a political argument and push them aside.

So, I’m here to loudly proclaim that I’m happy to discuss everything political about The Closer with Dave Chappelle. Because this is a discussion about a Television Special!

I don’t think I am. I feel like I’m on solid ground when it comes to the science and research on this matter. But, feel free to provide evidence that argues against it.

Nice! It’s way faster to read these things than to watch them.

For better or worse, I laughed at this:

I just sat in the crib and got stronger all week. But I was stressed, ’cause I kept watching these videos of my beloved Black people beating up my beloved Asian people, and being so cruel. And the whole time I watched those videos, this is fucked up but I couldn’t help but feel like… When I saw these brothers beating these Asians up. It’s probably what’s happening inside of my body.

Just some dark absurd humor playing with his own selfishness. People aren’t into that style anymore! And when it’s combined with the topics used in the biggest threads in the performance, I can see why it’s in the news and internally debated at Netflix. “Challenging” is a cliche but it’s clearly been constructed to be that.