The Cloverfield Paradox - The next Cloverfield movie on Netflix

Deadline is reporting that this movie may actually hit Netflix immediately after the game. This was formerly known as “God Particle.”

Back in January, Variety reported that Netflix was negotiating to buy the film. Looks like that may have happened.

That would be pretty amazing - make it so!

Huh, so it’s a prequel I guess?

The placeholder page is up on Netflix. Says Feb 4th, so I guess it’s true.

In a first for the film industry, this will be streaming on Netflix tonight, just hours after its official announcement. Love the strategy and hope it’s good!

So isn’t this some movie that was filmed awhile ago, sat on the shelf and is being now pushed as a “Cloverfield” movie.

Cloverfield is now just the fancy Hollywood term for Creepypasta.

So this is that God Particle movie then? I’m so confused.

Edit: oh yeah, ok, it was in the original post. I am less confused!

I watched this. It was okay!

I gave it a go but lost interest pretty quickly.

For those of you that haven’t seen it:. Event Horizon 2. Everyone gets killed in fun ways.

What a mistake tying this underwhelming thing to Cloverfield.

Agree to disagree, wasn’t even okay! Everything this movie does has been done better in “okay” movies.

The correct response.

I’d hardly say they get killed in fun ways. It’s almost all boring or predictable ways.

Skip this. Last year’s Life was about 10x better than this movie if you just want some “things go wrong in space” action.

Seconded. That was solid.

Whoa, talk about your mixed messages. I really dug Event Horizon but thought the trailer for Life looked like the most derivative crap I’ve already seen a dozen times before. What to do?

I dunno? Watch the movie that just popped up for free on a service you already subscribe to?

Kind of spoilerish for a movie that was just released and for which a lot of us will have no idea what to expect going in. I was just reading this short thread to see how come it appeared so suddenly and get a bit of background info.

As an Event Horizon fan, I wouldn’t compare them.
This is a mishmash of tons of stuff that doesn’t know what tone to set for, or what sort of movie it is supposed to be, really. I love poor allegories, so I’ll say it is like the Ubisoft Open World Game of movies.
The most horrific aspect of the movie were the dialogues. The early exposition is laughing out loud material, if you are in that mindset.
@Guap’s statement sounds like false advertising, to me. I wouldn’t suggest watching it, excepting to laugh, mildly, at it, if you got lots of free time.

Also I didn’t appreciate Netflix booting up something of their own called “Altered Carbon” right after this was finished, without asking me.

There is another topic about Altered Carbon in #movies have a peek.

Who’s got time for that?

Well. This was schlocky garbage.