The colbert report

holy hell. funniest thing i’ve see on TV in a really long time. totally lampoons o’reilly, he has to be steaming mad.

and i think it is awesome the stone phillips was willing to come on a do a “gravitas competition”. (which i think he won, despite colbert’s almost preternatural composure in the face of absurdity.)

“If you have ever sat naked on a hotel bedspread, we have got a chilling report you won’t want to miss.”

While Colbert can do the deadpan newsman delivery better than almost anyone, Stone Philips showed he’s definitely not almost anyone :)

The show’s definitely off to a great start – hope they’ll be able to keep it fresh every night. I laughed very, very hard.

Can anyone repeat what the last two things the two of them said with the gravitas competition. That was the best thing of the show.

It was funny, but I have a hard time imagining how they’ll fill four nights a week with quality like that. We’ll see.

Oh man this is the worst week ever to not have cable.

DL torrent. It was up this morning.

Also the worst week ever to not have internet access.


Well I’ll have two hours of it to watch next Monday, I guess.

Stupid Comedy Network (Canada’s Comedy Central) has opted to run Everybody Loves Raymond reruns instead. So, I will go my whole life without see this show. I curse the country of my birth.

The Colbert Report. It’s French… bitch.

You should take ranvarian’s advice then.

The gravitas bit and the first few minutes of the show are up for viewing (Quicktime) at onegoodmove

Does anyone know what drove Steven Colbert to break out on his own, btw? Was it purely the opportunity or did he not like the direction the Daily Show was going in?

I was listening to an NPR interview with him where he was critizing the Daily Show a bit (which I agreed to) but it was hard to tell if he was being serious or not.

It’s not so much his decision as Comedy Central’s own. The Daily Show and south park, (and reruns of Chapelle) were the only shows doing well on that channel. They figured by giving a spin-off of the their highest rated, most respected show, they can draw in more viewers.

I wish had google links for this, but these are basically rumours from my Cinematography professor, who is apparently good friends with Ed Helms. Go figure.

Small world :P

I remember a big WTF!? mark going over my head when my high school English teacher married Patrick Stewart’s son(he’s bald too, btw).

Jon Stewart has said that he looks at the Colbert Report as a 30 minute Daily Show segment, so it’s not like Colbert felt like he was being smothered or misused. Just a way to get more funny into the lineup (in theory).

What apparently happened, and this is what Jon said during an episode of the Daily Show, was that they ran a fake promo for the show which was going to mock O’Reilly type pundit shows (I remember seeing the promo and thinking it was a great gag).
The joke of course, and this is what Stewart said on the show, was that Comedy Central saw the idea and decided to make it into an actual show. And, watching Stewart say this was pretty funny since he (and probably everyone else) was so surprised that CC was willing to go that far with the idea.

Oreilly was on the Daily Show tonight. He used a bunch of the lines that Colbert spoofed. Read a book!

He’s still pretty much an asshole.

dear everyone in this thread,

i hate you all.

with much hate,

modem users with parents who have satellite tv that gets opera channels from shanghai but no sci-fi channel or comedy central