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You people get it.

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It was indeed a brilliant show, but I had a problem with Colbert’s ‘character’ as a spoof on all the irritating pundits. Its hilarious but the tone is still almost as irritating as their source, and as funny as it is I don’t think I could bring myself to watch it regularly, though I plan to try.


It will probably get old, but I thought the same thing with the Daily Show when it started. Maybe the writers have more in store for regular bits.

Yeah, I thought it was very funny, particularly the whole “Truthiness” bit. The problem is that it really felt like an act and not natural. Colbert was obviously playing a character, and a kind of unlikable one at that. I know that The Daily Show is an unreasonably high standard to compare it to (though at the same time, kind of an obvious one), but people like Stewart in large part because he’s, well, so likeable. Colbert is funny here, but he’s not really likeable.

They do a good job with the bullet points gag on “The Wørd”, I think. I also like that he steals the applause for the guest intro.

That interview with the representative was good, too, because the guy looked like he was so sad to be on TV. And his story about being 2 years old in Ethiopia and eating his pets…wow. I hope that guy got a hug after.

Well, I think the show would be incomplete if Colbert played it straight like Stewart. The Daily Show can play off that face/heel dynamic because they have more than one person on the show. Colbert can’t be Jon Stewart, and not just because of the obvious problem of Jon Stewart being Jon Stewart in the show right before his.

There’s a lot of funny going on here, but I agree that the show will have to change (and mature) over time. There’s just no way they can (or should) keep that up four nights a week.

the only problem i see with the show is the aggressive stance he takes with the guests. it’s obviously an act, and the guests are obviously in on it, but i have a hard believing there are going to be that many people willing to come on the show and be abused.

stone phillips rolled with it pretty well, the lady from 60 minutes seemed a bit flummoxed…

Anyone found that gravitas segment in a downloadable version? (Or know the tricks to downloading the Comedy Central clips?) That segment is too brilliant not to have on hand.

“Thankfully, alert gauchos were able to save the llama before it was swept into the blades of the turbine.”

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Stroker, tried that. It saved a 5K file with only one frame of video. Paste that link directly and you’ll see the same thing. Some kind of evil streaming Quicktime voodoo going on there.

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Interesting. has some voodoo for sure. Maybe a server-side directive to lie and end after 1 frame when the client string doesn’t match as QUICKTIME_VIEWER_OMGLOL or something :(

He botched quite a few of his lines tonight, and I’m beginning to find the whole shtick tiresome.

Some funny moments, though.

Yeah, this isn’t going to work long-term. I think a once-a-week half-hour or hour show would be bearable. Make it more like 20/20 than New Night with Aaron Brown or something like that.

I want to like this show, but it’s missing the Jon Stewart straight man to take the edge off the absurdity. I guess part of the problem is that it’s Colbert being Colbert the entire time. Really, I need some variety, maybe make a whole deadpan fake news show. It doesn’t have to be Daily Show 2, but it does need to be more than just a 30 minute Daily Show segment.

  • Alan

Well the first two weeks are just a trial for the concept anyway.

They probably could make it into a weekly affair with the many many many repeat telecast.

Like the excreable Showbiz show.

I hate to say this, but I think he’s already running out of ideas. The whole global warming rant/sketch just took a bizarre joke out so far, that cable talking heads know so little about the facts of anything their opinions are completely arbitrary no matter how seemingly complicated the reasoning, that I don’t even think the audience was getting it. He also kept stumbling over his lines. Doing a delivery as rapidfire and filled with wordplay can’t be easy even for him.

And the interview with Fareed Zacharia was very odd. Colbert seemed to waver between his comic persona and a serious interviewer.

I really, really, like Steven Colbert. He’s witty as hell, has fantastic timing, and it doesn’t hurt that he’s evidently a fantasy/sci-fi freak. But I’m still on the fence about his show. The first episode kicked some ass - that initial monologue was great. But how many variations on “O’Reilly is a pompous, self-promoting, hypocritical ass that celebrates not only his own ignorance but that of his audience” can do you?

Yeah, I agree. I think he’s trying to too hard to be funny sometimes when it’ll be sufficient to…you know, actually cover some topics semi-seriously AND THEN make fun of it. The interviews are sorta sucking as a result.

Then again, host-centric shows rarely start off very strong, so I guess we can give Colbert a season’s worth of lee-way before he finds his balance :P

Yeah, it’s just to narrow a premise. They need to open up the format. Maybe get some fake pundits on there for some Hannity/Crossfire type debate hilarity – something that wouldn’t quite fit on the daily show, although they do have that segment with the kids reading the transcripts.