The cold undocumented emptiness of Banished

This is a great site, mate. Even if I can't agree with you, I enjoy reading what you write :)

This review is complete garbage. How is this site even part of metacritic?

then just turn off disasters. if your people are dying of starvation it's because you suck at the game.

My dog is dead because of you.

To be fair, I love the game but didn't know about diagonal roads until you pointed it out.
Tom Chick is still a dick.

Numerical ratings aren't an exact fucking science, are they, tool? The first two paragraphs of your comment say 'you are wrong because of my opinion on this subjective topic'.

IE? You're a fucking idiot.

If you ever review ANYTHING, and consider the time spent making the product you're reviewing, and add that to your overall score, I want you to stop reviewing, go outside, and shoot yourself through the fucking brain. Reviewing is about the PRODUCT, time spent? Irrelevant.

Fucking Hell, soft kids like you who can't handle the fact an opinion exists disgust me.

Im still burning him.

You do need to make meaningful choices, or your graveyard just fills up.

surely you meant, 'go back to wow'?

Oh - my mistake! I thought it was one of the early access games (I've been on a Steam indie game buying spree). Hmmm... That gives me mixed feelings. It definitely doesn't feel 'finished' to me, so I have to concur with the aimlessness you felt once a town was working and productive and had all its core buildings. Although, I certainly enjoyed it more than one-star.

There's a plan to release mod tools which - if they're good - will keep this game really interesting to me.

Thanks for the reply!

Personally I think Banished is a great game and that the review is way off the mark. Having said that, I do think people are getting far too bothered about this review.

What you need to keep in mind is this:
1. Tom Chick is just a guy reviewing a game. He has no more qualifications to review a game than many gameplayers other in the world. It's just an opinion from some guy, which is no more valid than the opinion of anyone else who has played a few games. So he likes Children of the Nile (which I don't), but he doesn't like Banished (which I do). Big deal. There you go, I've just posted the exact opposite view.
2. While I can (slightly) see the point of people who complain that this review might drag down the metacritic score, that is not Tom Chick's fault. Aggregate score sites like metacritic are best ignored, as they seem to have a natural propensity to bung up the toilet. You can't expect people not to review games just because of the effect it will have on metacritic.

You can build diagonal roads. The difference in the foods is explained in the help section. Most of what you are bitching about is explained with a marginal amount of looking. Go back to playing God of War or ShitCity. There are alot of things to improve in this game, but none of them are what you are bitching about.

Do it. As your population increases so does the chances of random shit happening. Have you had some nomads come through and murder your town? What about some hoarder people that load their houses with all the firewood/food/coats/whatever while your people starve around them? Tornado take out your main fields? Fires? Plagues? Pirates? Survival is the game, If you don't keep expanding your citizens grow old and stop making babies. Then you lose.

You are the literal bottom rung of reviews in the industry Tomchick. It's incredible, I've never seen such consistent stupidity and purposeful ignorance in reviews before. You are absolutely awful at your job, and it'll be a glorious day when you're no longer counted among the other professionals (I won't even call them peers, out of favor to them) that are sadly lumped in with this shit on Metacritic and Gamerankings.

You don't like games then. Survival is the peak goal you must desire.. this is so raw and cruel it reminds me a bit of A Song of Ice and Fire.. and the Winter is coming. You can find it random which is not. Ever lost an hour of play because of little bad decisions? No? You didn't play this game yet. You can grow to 100 citizens but make them prosper for double it is way more of a deal.. It's a 1 in 10 games in my opinion and I know I'll stop playing games for some time after I feel finished with this one, Thank You Shining Rock!! And for 100mb?!? Wellcome back Nineteens!!

The game does have its flaws, agreed. However the reviewer is either of the "new generation" of gamers which means he is used to be held by his hand and being spoon-fed and then told how great he has done things, or he simply lacks the intellect necessary for the game.
I for once say hurray to games like these that are not made for the smallest common denominator in order to suit everyone.
The biggest problem is surely that an unqualified review like this is used for Metacritics. Otherwise it would just be one guy's opinion and preference.

This rating is too low. If QT3 wants to be taken seriously, it needs to post serious ratings. Its very immature to rate something 1/5 just because you had a personal problem with it, when so many other people love it. Learning by trying and failing is what makes something a "game". If you want to see how everything works and know exactly what to do all the time, go to IKEA and buy some furniture to assemble.

I found my mini-game to be in preserving the nature around my small town to be beautiful, and creating a nice town aesthetic. Its a sandbox game- you find your reasons to play.

This is a very funny comment, and I think it has a real ring of truth to it!

One star is like the rating a child would give.