The Colour of Magic (TV)

Sky broadcast a live-action production of “The Colour of Magic” last weekend. I haven’t watched it yet but was wondering if anyone else has and whether or not they can offer any opinions?

I did watch some of “Hogfather” but turned it off because it was terrible - it just wasn’t funny at all and the assassin’s voice and accent were absolutely terrible.

My capsule summary is that Vadim Jean is pretty good at replicating the look of the Disc’s major locations, but he still absolutely stinks at making it funny.

Pratchett strikes me as the sort of thing that would be very hard to do well in a different medium.

Definitely. Most of the humour is in the descriptions and the little details; two things that are very hard to transpose. The trouble with Jean’s handling of them is that he usually just tries to copy them across directly (albeit less so here than in Hogfather), and frequently misses the oomph that made the original lines really work.

Hogfather and Colour of Magic seem like poor choices as well. I’d rank them pretty low against the rest of Pratchett’s books. Morte or Equal Rites would be far better choices and those aren’t books that really depend on knowing much about Discworld.

It wasn’t bad. It looked great. Especially Liessa. The Luggage was well-done, too.