The Comics Thread : Hulk SMASH! Edition

Since my post for starting a new thread for comics didn’t get MUCH opposition, i’ll get on with it. And yes, i know we already had a thread for this. It’s here. It’s also old and too long. With this out of the way …

Nowadays, i only buy TradePaperBacks. I no longer have time and money to track and buy everything that is released each week/month and sometimes going through crap stuff in hope that a book will somehow improve. TPBs allow me to only grab the good stuff i want and actually last for more than 10-15 minutes of reading. I’m sure other people have their reasons for likeing or dislikeing this format.

Anyway, this is what i’m going through currently:

Y: The Last Man [Brian K. Vaughn, Vertigo]
I’m only on volume 3 right now. This volume was …hmm, OK+. The resolution with the Israelis was predictable and the last “part” with the actresses was not really that good but the rest was good. It’s still one of my favourites to read.

The Walking Dead [Robert Kirkman, Image]
Need to get volume 7 of this awesome book that i hope needs no introduction. To me this is how you should do Zombie stories.

Astonishing X-Men [Joss Whedon. Marvel]
Yeah, one of my favourite X-Men “universes”. The art could be better in some cases but it’s good enough to not distract me.
Only on volume 2.

Battle Pope [Robert Kirkman, Image/Funk-o-Tron]
This is Kirkman’s first book and it’s full of awesome hilarious stuff.

The book tells the tale of a hard drinking, womanizing Pope condemned by God for his own evil ways, who is called to action to save Saint Michael, with the help of Jesus H. Christ, becoming mankind’s final hope in a world overrun by demons following the Rapture.

Still on volume 2. Must have more!

Transmetropolitan [Warren Ellis, Vertigo]
Only have volume 1 of this. Still not exactly sold on it but i’m willing to wait till volume 2 to decide. Don’t know if it’s the art style or Ellis’ writing style but there’s something there that doesn’t quite right but it’s cyberpunkish so i’ll probably read it all :P

The Losers [Andy Diggle, Vertigo]
I’ve actually finished this but think it deserves a mention. American task force is betrayed by CIA and assumed dead. Except they aren’t! And now they are pissed and ready to find who betrayed them. It’s like A-Team, except not that bad and set in the mordern day. It’s not awesome but it’s good enough if you don’t have anything else to read.

Eden : It’s an Endless World [Hiroki Endo, Dark Horse]
Awesome awesome awesome awesome cyberpunk manga. Volume 1 description follows because i suck at this stuff:

Eden Volume One is both a brilliant love song to the post-apocalyptic survival genre and the beginning of a deep exploration on man’s role in the natural order. In the near future, a large portion of humanity is wiped out by a brutal, new virus that hardens the skin while dissolving internal organs. Those who aren’t immune are either severely crippled or allowed to live with cybernetically enhanced bodies. Taking advantage of a world in chaos, a paramilitary force known as the Propater topples the United Nations and seeks world domination. Elijah, a young survivor searching for his mother, travels towards the Andes Mountains with an artificially intelligent combat robot. When he encounters a group of anti-Propater freedom fighters, a maelstrom of unique characters unfolds. Graphic, cyberpunk, and philosophical, Eden is a place where endearing heroes face a constant struggle for survival and violent surprises wait around every corner!

Currently reading volume 3. And hey … it’s really awesome! ;)

Vagabond [Takehiko Inoue]
This is the story of the famous samurai Miyamoto Musashi. It’s based on a novel made by Eiji Yoshikawa with a few differences. The story starts when Mushashi is still 17(and still not named Musashi) and is going through the early years before most of his famous deeds.
If you like samurai tales, you want to read this. The art and story are great and the characters are fantastic.
Only on volume 9, i think.

Blade of the Immortal [Hiroaki Samura, Dark Horse]
A samurai is “cursed” with immortality and has to kill one thousand men to be rid of his curse. One of best samurai action stories in comic form, IMO.

“To end his eternal suffering, he must slay one thousand enemies!” Manji, a ronin warrior of feudal Japan, has been cursed with immortality. To rid himself of this curse and end his life of misery, he must slay one thousand evil men! His quest begins when a young girl seeks his help in taking revenge on her parents’ killers . . . and his quest won’t end until the blood of a thousand has spilled!
Warning: Manji has a swastika tatooed on his right shoulder(i think) … this is in no way related to Nazism but just wanted to warn people to avoid future drama incase they never have read this before.
Currently reading volume 8 … or 9.

And that’s it. As you can see, i go slowly through stuff. I try to buy 2 or 3 volumes each month but it’s not always possible. I also don’t buy any of the Manga TPBs i read. I have a “partnership” with one of my friends where he buys all Manga stuff and i buy the rest. Cheaper for both ;)

Really want to read/buy list
Cable & Deadpool (already read most of this but i need to own it because … it’s awesome^2!)
Wolverine: Enemy of the State
Planet Hulk (same comments as Cable&Deadpool)

So, what else should i be adding to my list?

Also, monthly thread or just this one?

Cable/Deadpool cancelled, if you hadn’t heard.

Yeah i know :( Another reason for me to grab those 7 books!

As I mentioned in the other thread I’ve been reading Absolute Sandman and loving it.

It’s insane how much he managed to pack into each issue.

I’ve also been enjoying Suburban Glamour and Brubaker’s Criminal series.

I just finished the third volume of Grant Morrison’s run on Animal Man…

It’s been awhile, but if I remember right volume 2 is awesome, but the series sort of peters out as it goes. It gets away from the wacky speculative future stuff and more into a Spider vs. the Bad Guy story. But if you’re like me, once you get started you won’t be able to stop.


hello, did someone say… “comics thread?”



Awww, come on… just one little one?

Haha, I vote we let rimbo post his comic.

It tends to make me laugh, just not in the way he intends, i think.

Hell No.

He already has his own comic disaster thread. Leave this one alone.

So, what else should i be adding to my list?

Stick with Transmet. The first volume was meh, the rest are fucking awesome

Other good choices (I’ve no idea what you’ve already read, so I’m just going by whats on my bookshelf):

Sleeper. It’s a supervillian/crime noir story by Brubaker. It’s a completely self-contained story that’s 4 trades long.

Sandman. Once you’ve read volume 3 or 4 (I forget exactly which), you can start with the next one:

Lucifer. The devil gets bored of being the ruler of hell so he quits and moves to LA to open a piano bar.

Conan. The Busiek/Nord series is fantastic and follows Howards original stories pretty closely (for the most part). The art is really great.

Bone. You can get the whole thing in one mega volume, or you can wait until they finish colouring the series and release the Bone One Volume Colour edition.

Eden is great. I read the third volume about five years ago and I still remember it clearly. It left me completely shocked.

I don’t know if you have them in the US, but I suggest these three masterpieces:

  • 20th Century Boys, Naoki Urasawa
  • Homunculus, Hideo Yamamoto
  • Tetsuwan Girl, Tsutomu Takahashi

And my favourite:

  • Rookies, Masanori Morita

Blade of Immortal is great too, along with Vagabond. Then everything by Egawa: Golden Boy, Last Man, Yapoo (if you can stomach).

Then there are the classics, like Berserk or Bastard!

So wait a minute - are these the ones with art by John “Planetary” Cassaday? And it is just barely okay? Do I have that right?

Haha, I vote we make him fuck himself with a splintery broomstick until he bleeds out.

Dude, Andre - stick with Transmet, man. And get Fables.

Whoa, it’s better than “just barely okay.” It takes a bit to get going, is all.

Do the girls in wander about as devoid of raiment as they do in his stories?

I was just making idle threats. I didn’t actually have anything in mind to post.* If you only knew the feeling of raw power one gets when one can merely threaten to post a shitty webcomic and have the entire board begging at my knees for mercy.

If you do not want this fate, this horrible webcomic**… the members of QT3 will send me…


  • Although Girl Genius would be appropriate, as that’s actually a proper comic that’s getting web exposure, not the other way around.

** I don’t have one now, sure. But you know I can find one that will burn the back of your retinas with the unfunny… DEADLY unfunny! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAA

A note on the one volume edition of Bone: it’s a tremendous value. You pay something like $20-30 for an epic, wonderful comic story whose nine individual volumes each clock in at not much less.

…it’s also fricking enormous (well over a thousand pages of comic), which makes it awkward to read and means the binding is not nearly as solidly and permanently attached as I would like. Plus the art is smaller compared to the previous volumes, although I guess the latest printing of the multivolume version is around that size also. So there are notable drawbacks, and if I were richer I would be regretting my decision to get the one volume right now. (As it is…the price difference was well over a hundred dollars. That’s worth it to me. Flaws and all.)

Manga not to be missed: Death Note, Fullmetal Alchemist (the latter looks like a kids manga, but don’t be fooled.)

Comics: Preacher, at least for the first few volumes - I did like it all the way through, but I felt like things got less enjoyable after volume 3. Supreme Power and Rising Stars - a pair of different takes on the superhero concept by J. Michael Straczynski, of Babylon 5 fame.

Fables is one of those rare books that gets better as it goes along. I recommend it highly.

Re: Cable & Deadpool trades, if you want them get them. Marvel lets its trades go out of print fairly quickly.

I’ll second the recommendation for Conan. The current Dark Horse series has been consistantly great, even through the artist/writer changes.