The coming 2023 government shutdown

Yea, increasingly people need to see the end-game of the GOP is as a kind of Gilded Age corruption state where the only policies that it passes give its donors all the economic power and give its minority constituents all the political and cultural power.

And what they threaten is to make the USA ungovernable until they win. So there is no ‘solution’. The solution is to let them win, or you get nothing.

Of course, if you let them win, you still get nothing.

Thr GOP is willing to break the country to win. The Dems need to be willing to break the country to stop them.

If it’s always the role of the Dems to pick up the pieces from GOP tantrums, then eventually they’ll get edited out of the Stalin selfie anyway once the GOP has total power.

I mean there’s always the other solution to Republicans…

This sucks. I’m going to be working for no pay (until the shutdown ends).

Republicans can’t even get enough of their own votes for their terrible bill.

‘Unmitigated disaster’: Feuding GOP ends crisis meeting without path forward on spending bill (

A motion to remove House Speaker Kevin McCarthy from the top Congressional office was allegedly found in a bathroom at the United States Capitol building on Tuesday.

Journalist Matt Laslo wrote in a post to X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter, that a motion to vacate from Representative Matt Gaetz, a Florida Republican who has been a staunch McCarthy critic, was found in a bathroom located beneath the House floor Tuesday afternoon.

Either a not-so-subtle warning from Gaetz to McCarthy, a not-so subtle slap from McCarthy to Gaetz, or just plain incompetence. I know where I’d place my bets.

These guys are just clownshoes all the way down.

Imagine going into a shutdown because the Republican House couldn’t pass anything at all.

However, it does seem likely that McCarthy will pull together a deal with Dems at the last minute just like he did with the debt ceiling. It may be his last act as Speaker, though.

I’m almost hoping for a shutdown at this point, as horrible as this sounds. The GOP has too many crazies of too many incompatible types. If they can hold that coalition together they are dangerous, but if infighting goes from cold war to hot war than they are going to hold all the blame. If the house can’t even pass a funding bill then it’s not the Senate’s fault or the administration’s fault, it’s very very clearly the house GOP to blame. And it’s a self-inflicted wound.

I would be too if I thought it MEANT anything. But previous shutdowns have also been the GOP’s fault, and they never seem to pay a price for it at come election time.

I’m thinking that maybe McCarthy is seeing the wisdom of Boehner in getting the hell out of dodge.

At this point, I feel like if someone’s saying, “You can’t be speaker,” I’d be all, “Don’t threaten me with a good time!”

I think there’s a substantive difference between the GOP not playing ball and blocking funding authorization to try and force a specific policy vs the GOP being unable to get their house in order enough to pass anything.

My memory (which may be faulty!!) was that it has backfired on them in the past, electorally.

Fetterman delivering the heat.


Gaetz and crew keep threatening to remove him a speaker, but according to the rules they laid down in January, it takes a majority vote of the full House to remove him, not just the majority of Republicans. Which means that Kevin could easily cut a deal with the Dems such that he’ll pass a “clean” bill in return for them keeping him in place when the MAGA nuts force a vote.

Now obviously that would only keep him as Speaker this term; as soon as the next House is sworn in he’d never get the nod from his party again… but the chances of the GOP holding the House in a presidential election year are pretty slim anyway.

Honestly, there are a LOT of ways that the non crackpot wing of the GOP could just go around the idiot caucus, if they can get the Dems to go along with them.

It’s tricky though, because it will enrage the crackpots, and also there is some political incentive for the Dems to let McCarthy hang.

Absolutely. Well said. I don’t see McCarthy cutting a deal with Dems to save his bacon unless he’s giving out major concessions because most Dems want to just sit back and let the GOP own the current mess. Which they are very visibly doing. Headlines about GOP infighting shutting down the government are going to be really really hard to spin even for a Fox-News caliber propaganda machine.

As a matter of curiosity I just checked fox news .com (spacing to avoid giving them a link) to see how they are spinning this and even they can’t find a headline that implies this is Dems fault. They basically are just promoting other headlines and stories (Hunter Biden!). I had to scroll for awhile to find any mention of it and even their coverage has no choice but to frame this as a R on R fight.

Ya, what kind of kills me though, is that I can imagine a world where the moderate GOP says, “you know what? Fuck all this bullshit.” and just starts working with moderate Dems to do actual governance.

Not real big flashy stuff… basically nothing that either extreme wing gives a shit about. But just the basic “make government function at a minimal level”. Just… less fucking drama every day.

And honestly, I feel like the general population would be fucking elated with that.

But even though I can imagine that, I don’t expect it to ever happen.

Yeah, same.