The coming 2023 government shutdown

The general population doesn’t vote in primaries, so what they want is irrelevant.

My prediction: this will go on until the ATC get fed up and say they’ll just do the bare minimum and slow things down enough after not getting paid long enough to gum up the works and the Repubicans will stop.

Biden will protect the ATCs , he won’t pull a Reagan.

I think it’s important to watch for primary filing deadlines for the moderates in the House. Once those deadlines have passed it’s much more likely they’ll be interested in cooperating across the aisle. Before then, it would be political suicide.

Strange things are afoot at the Circle K.

Ordinarily I’d say that no speaker would want to keep control by relying on the votes of the other party, but we are talking about McCarthy here, and there doesn’t seem to be any bottom with him.

He has shown zero leadership and is not worth saving. He is a follower and bows to the worst elements of his party. Would another R be much worse? Not really, if they could even elect another Speaker at all, which is also doubtful.

If the Republicans were smart they agreed, to this with provision, that Fetterman wear a suit on the Senate Floor for as long as he is senator, not just next week.

I didn’t say he was worth saving. I was commenting that he was more likely to pursue a deal with Democrats than someone like Boehner was, because he has less strength of character than Boehner did.

The hard right is going to make this shutdown happen. Let’s see if they actually get the blame for it.

McCarthy rejects Senate spending bill while scrambling for a House plan that averts a shutdown (

The fact that the Senate passed a bill and the house can’t pass literally anything is going to make the GOP look real bad.

Also, talk among folks in the government is that folks are preparing to be furloughed.

Not only is the shutdown coming, there seems to be no way to end it without KM putting his gavel on the line to make a deal with Democrats or some sort of procedural end run with Dems and moderate/swing Repubs joining to bring a Senate plan to a House vote. I can’t see the House majority passing anything themselves that the Senate would accept.

Only possibility for the GOP passing some new thing in the house would be if they broke the bill up into separate ones, so that the maga chuds could refuse to vote for the “bad” stuff they don’t like.

I honestly don’t think they can pull off the complexity of trying to do that though, because they are dumb.

There are probably 350+ votes in the House for the Senate bill. The problem isn’t that the House can’t pass it, it’s that McCarthy won’t bring it up for a vote because he’s afraid of being ousted as Speaker.

the state dept bill did pass 216-212

McCarthy’s been handed a glorious opportunity here. A done deal, rubber-stamped by the GOP in the Senate, Dems who will vote for it in the house. He may think his speakership’s in danger but the more he’s willing to work with Dems the less influence the crazies in his party have. I could totally see the Dems propping up his speakership if it meant helping to save the US economy.

Probably he’s also worried about a primary challenge.

Sure, but he’s also looking at the possibility of being a one-term Speaker, which is probably a worse fate in his mind. Not that the GOP will likely hold the House after 2024, but on the off chance they do, he probably will not get the nod if he works with the Dems.

He’s just in a no-win situation… but strangely I feel no pity whatsoever.

He’s in danger of having his job title change, and possibly losing his job. Weighed against the destruction of the US economy and misery inflicted on untold millions.

If this were Omaha beach, he’d be cowering in the back of the higgins boat, smelling of his own pee and vomit.

Me, neither. If you can’t sell your constituents on the necessity of funding the federal government, you don’t belong in Congress.

Actually, I think he’d be swimming back to England at this point…