The coming of the 9th generation of consoles


I think the idea is that they’ll just keep replacing these satellites. Like I said when bringing it up, they have to actually achieve the promise. That requires cheap and small satellites to work with the types of launch prices SpaceX is working towards.


Well yes, but each has to be boosted out of the Earth’s gravity, which is very expensive compared to weather balloons.


My own wishlist for the next generation:

  1. Bring back Snap mode. I miss being able to watch TV while playing games like Destiny. I would have never spent so many hours playing that game if I hadn’t been catching up on TV shows at the same time. The game had no story to keep track of, and therefore was perfect as a game to play while watching (though, mostly listening) to TV shows.

  2. OTA DVR please. This was an announced feature for Xbox that got canceled. Plex allows it, but it’s a bit of a pain in the ass, and nowhere near as smooth as what you get on Xbox when you pause Live TV. But that only allows you up to 30 minutes of commercial forwarding.

  3. Backwards compatibility and full access to previous digital library and ability to play disc-games from previous generation.

  4. Possibly VR support. I’ve never tried VR, but when I do talk to people who have tried it, I get jealous. It would be interesting to have that as an option in the next generation of consoles.

Sadly, given the trajectory of updates on Xbox 1, I’m probably not going to get wish number 1 or wish number 2. It’s a damn shame. I wish I could factory reset the Xbox 1 somehow and get snap mode back.


I always feel like I’d watch more things in general if I could snap them to the side of my screen while I play games, but then I think “hmm, this doesn’t work well with foreign stuff with subtitles or with games where I want the audio,” and that’s a lot of what I want to watch and a lot of what I want to play respectively. I don’t end up listening to podcasts while gaming for the same reason.


Yeah, it’s a mix. There were a lot of games where snapping TV wasn’t appropriate, and there were a lot of TV shows where snapping TV wasn’t appropriate. But the ones that were ideal for it were things like Destiny, Forza games, The Daily Show, sports events on TV, Witcher 3’s Gwent. I definitely would never have played Gwent if it weren’t for snap mode.



I know Australia isn’t a world leader or anything, but hopefully we have more than a couple of years left!

And my internet 10 years ago was arguably faster than it is today, if we look at averages. It peaked about 6 years ago, but has been in gradual decline since then. So I’m very interested to know what the next government (because the current one doesn’t give a fuck) will invest in, and how long it will take to get up to speed for rural users. I’d be surprised if it was any faster than a decade.


My wants are “better faster more” with full backward compatibility.

However, the current XB1X games’ approach is concerning to me. Selecting “prefer detail” “prefer frame rate” or “prefer resolution” isn’t going to work ideally in the next generation. I’ll want all 3. I don’t think most developers will bother to go back and patch either.


Yes, PC-like advanced settings should be a thing for the tinkerers.


I’ll be the dissenting voice and say no they shouldn’t. Tinkerers can stay on the PC. Consoles should be ‘it just works’, with the occasional 'would you prioritize this or that. End of story.


Why, because console gamers are stupid?


No, because we don’t give a shit. Things should just work.


So console gamers don’t like to tinker? I don’t get that attitude. Consoles aren’t special, they’re just computers. That simplification justifies PC master race elitism.


No, computers are computers. This isn’t hard, dude.


Consoles are also computers. They have always been very simple. That should remain, you shouldn’t need to tinker to play videogames on your console. Adding an advanced menu doesn’t impair that experience.


Sure. Your fridge and your car’s engine are also computers. Do you tweak those?


Some people do, sure.


Some people? Like, enthusiasts, maybe?


Sure. Why wouldn’t there be console enthusiasts?


They should stay on a platform designed for them.