The Compleat Retro Shooter thread

Ohhhh thank you!

Yeah, when I played this, I was amazed at how much… the mod reminded me of a Build engine TC. And, frankly, it would have been better off that way, IMO. Why jump through all the hoops needed in GZDOOM when most of the framework is already there in Build?

Ashes is one of the best games of the year, it has my seal of approval. I can only complain of the last level being too frustrating and hard, in a not fun way.

I’m going to guess the author has familiarity with Doom tools but not with Build. GZDoom is very extensible and moddable, and stable, Build is famously hold together with bubblegum and some pins.

Ashes seems pretty good, but it’s hard! Or I’m not used to it. Died twice in the tutorial so far (on Standard difficulty). It’s also going to take me a while to get used to the skating. Jumping across columns is super hard when it feels like you’re on ice (the source of my first death!).I’m sure my brain will adjust.

I didn’t die skating on ice avoiding the lava, because I could hop hop hop back onto non-lava. But then the enemies avoided all my bullets, and I had to resort to the crowbar, and they’re better at using the crowbar than I am apparently. So this game is too hard for me clearly.

Seriously though, why is lack of ammo a thing in retro shooters? I was playing through Quake again, and I’m nearly always at maximum ammo in Quake. But in Dusk, and now this Ashes game, there’s not enough ammo to do much. It was the same in Doom most of the time, I was nearly always at full ammo.

I think so. You are supposed to use all weapons and ammo starvation is how the game push you to that, and sometimes use the melee attack.

EDuke32 is Build’s version of GZDoom, and is stable enough to build things like AMC and Ion Fury.

I played through From Ashes and was impressed, but again it felt like a Build TC being aped by the Doon engine.

Actually, apart of the first two or three levels where you are building slowly your ammo reserves, I didn’t have any particular problems with ammo in this game. You eventually get plenty, more than I expected, given the post apoc survival theme. Although I also ran away a pair of times from big waves of mutants while searching the exit, as I understood it was the thing for the player to do, instead of fight to the death.

You’re talking about the tutorial, or did you skip the tutorial?

And are you playing with a controller?

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I’m not ignoring it! Nya!

…more or less.

Try it in the Microsoft Flight Simulator thread, I still can’t post an image there.

Y’all are punking me, right?

I’m talking of the full game, in general.

No, with mouse and keyboard. I mean, if you really think some free mod done by a guy in GZdoom is going to be balanced for controllers, I could also sell you this nice bridge at your left. Only $500!

I find it does the opposite. Limited ammo means I fear that I won’t have enough ammo for tough encounters, so I conserve it to the maximum extent by using only the melee / infinite ammo weapon for most of the game.

Here though I missed the tutorial message about the boot knife, so using that in combo with 1-2 shots from the pistol is working well so far.

Yes that was the key. While I’m used to the skatiness of Doom engine games, I’m not used to making precision jumps in them. I also found things far easier once I turned off Autorun (I’m used to manually running when needed with SHIFT anyway).

What boot knife?

I think it’s bound to “V” or “F”. It’s just a quick melee attack, kinda like Duke’s mighty boot.