The Compleat Retro Shooter thread

Seriously though, why is lack of ammo a thing in retro shooters? I was playing through Quake again, and I’m nearly always at maximum ammo in Quake. But in Dusk, and now this Ashes game, there’s not enough ammo to do much. It was the same in Doom most of the time, I was nearly always at full ammo.

I think so. You are supposed to use all weapons and ammo starvation is how the game push you to that, and sometimes use the melee attack.

EDuke32 is Build’s version of GZDoom, and is stable enough to build things like AMC and Ion Fury.

I played through From Ashes and was impressed, but again it felt like a Build TC being aped by the Doon engine.

Actually, apart of the first two or three levels where you are building slowly your ammo reserves, I didn’t have any particular problems with ammo in this game. You eventually get plenty, more than I expected, given the post apoc survival theme. Although I also ran away a pair of times from big waves of mutants while searching the exit, as I understood it was the thing for the player to do, instead of fight to the death.

You’re talking about the tutorial, or did you skip the tutorial?

And are you playing with a controller?

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Try it in the Microsoft Flight Simulator thread, I still can’t post an image there.

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I’m talking of the full game, in general.

No, with mouse and keyboard. I mean, if you really think some free mod done by a guy in GZdoom is going to be balanced for controllers, I could also sell you this nice bridge at your left. Only $500!

I find it does the opposite. Limited ammo means I fear that I won’t have enough ammo for tough encounters, so I conserve it to the maximum extent by using only the melee / infinite ammo weapon for most of the game.

Here though I missed the tutorial message about the boot knife, so using that in combo with 1-2 shots from the pistol is working well so far.

Yes that was the key. While I’m used to the skatiness of Doom engine games, I’m not used to making precision jumps in them. I also found things far easier once I turned off Autorun (I’m used to manually running when needed with SHIFT anyway).

What boot knife?

I think it’s bound to “V” or “F”. It’s just a quick melee attack, kinda like Duke’s mighty boot.

Those were the words I spoke when the tutorial message came up about it!

By the way, I turned the tutorial message font size up a bit, I kept missing important information. Like, say, the boot knife.

It seems on par with the crowbar in terms of damage, although perhaps with slightly less reach. But the knife / gun combo is effective.

By the way, I’m not a fan of the light going out every time you attack. It’s not even realistic, as you’re holding it in your other hand. I did notice that you grip the pistol with both hands when you’re not using the light, and I wonder if that affects accuracy? That would be cool, but not the blinking off/on of the light.

I don’t play first person shooters by keyboard anymore unless I’m forced to! Luckily Ashes supports controllers.

Reporting back: Boot knife is not assigned by default, but the tutorial message that I missed tells you might have to reassign the button. But controller config doesn’t let you assign any buttons. So what to do?

Well, I discovered if you go under keyboard assigns, you can assign buttons to the mouse and the controller in that menu. So I assigned melee (boot knife) to B, which might have been a bad idea. I kind of have to stop aiming in order to press B. I might reassign that.

Overall the tutorial is balls hard. Having to melee all these enemies to preserve ammo is not fun.

Exactly what I needed! Thank you, @MrTibbs !
Y’know, with all of these retro-shooters lately, I’m beginning to seriously question if I ever need a new computer or video card ever again. These are the kinds of games I cut my teeth on when I bought my first PC in 1993. They were amazing back then, and they are amazing now.

After playing these newer AAA games with their photo-realistic graphics, QTE gimmicks, and needless complexity, I play one of these retro-shooters, and seriously, it’s like coming home.

I haven’t yet played it enough to quite make that statement, but Ashes feels really, really great, and I’m so happy right now!

Also, I skipped the tutorial.
Did I miss anything important by doing so, or does this play pretty much like I would expect?

I mean, so far it seems to be just like those old classics.

I already love the difference between the two pistols.
One goes bam bam bam
The other goes bambambam
Super cool game.
It feels fantastic.