The Compleat Retro Shooter thread

I came to post that!

The only thing that irks me is that a bunch of the hands-on videos for it keep using the “movement like Doom” phrase and I don’t think that player movement looks anywhere near as fast or accurate as Doom’s. Maybe they mean “movement like a console version of Doom.”

That looks terrific.

IGN video was much worse, believe me.

I know. LOL. That’s the other video I watched unfortunately.

I keep threatening to buy one of these retro shooters. Maybe Bolter will finally be the one. The theme goes a long way.

Children trying to compare things to stuff created and perfected before their time is like listening to virgins talk about sex - lots of enthusiasm & lots of ignorance.I wonder if this previewer even knows Boltgun was built in GZDoom.

No wonder I like it!

Budnle for this thread

Anybody got any experience with any of the games in that bundle? I wouldn’t mind dropping a few bones to play around with some boomer shooters if that bundle contains anything good.

Nightmare Reaper is liked by a lot of people (94% positive on Steam), but I guess I’m in the other six percent, issues being the garish art style, the too retro graphics (it’s all squarish, pre-Doom style), bad game balance (you are supposed to swap weapons with some frecuency as it has several dozens of types, but the game at some point gave me something super OP that made the choice trivial) , very gimmick minigames linked to the metaprogression, bad visibility in combat, some annoying enemies, uneven difficulty…
Mind you, these were my impressions on release. I have no idea how the game has evolved over time with updates.

Wrath and Graven are too Quake-ish FPS that people have hopes on them, alas they are in Early Access and are famous for how slow their progress is going. I actually own Wrath on EGS, and I’m waiting to be finished. One day.

I have Deadlink on my sights, it’s FPS roguelite, but again EA, I’m waiting for 1.0l

Forgive me Father is decent enough.

I haven’t played the others. Viscerafest I heard is good. It has 91% positive on Steam.

I enjoyed Forgive Me Father, some balance issues (don’t take the bonus exp perks), voice acting was terrible but overall a decent Lovecraft inspired shooter.

Didn’t really click with Nightmare Reaper, I beat it and everything but bits of the design just sorta rubbed me the wrong way. The minigames, the rando weapon loot, the procgen levels… just felt a bit messy. It certainly has its fans though!

Deadlink I’ve got wishlisted as it looks cool, but early access so haven’t taken the plunge yet. Don’t think I’d classify it as a boomer shooter from what I’ve seen, tho. The combat seems more Doom Eternal inspired than '90s Doom inspired.

I OTOH loved Nightmare Reaper.

As mentioned before, Wrath and Graven have been stuck in EA hell forever.

The FEAR like Trepang2 is coming this month

And the Doom like Supplice has been released on EA today (literally made by Doom modders using the GZDoom engine, so it’s very similar to Doom, think basically a paid mod)

Forgive me Father 2 has been announced

Unsurprisingly, I’m liking Supplice, I recommend it. The art is nice, the weapons are fun to shoot, the enemies are fun to gib, the maps are big, I like the secrets with the new items that permanently increase the max cap of health, armor or ammo, giving you a good reason to explore, and even the writing is surprisingly decent (although limited to terminals where you read messages). Overall very solid.
I’m missing some kind of autosave feature (although you can use a mod for that) and the first leve was a bit dark that make combat hard to read, some enemies has low contrast against the background.

Goddamn there are some truly unpleasant people losing their minds because the game’s protagonist is depicted as looking like this:


Oh no! A Black woman!

As you can imagine, as it’s a Doom clone, it isn’t like you ever see your face in the game…

If it was a true Doom-clone you’d have her little pixelated face constantly visible in the HUD, constantly grunting in pain with every hit.

LOL, you got me there.