The Compleat Retro Shooter thread

Not because I didn’t have time, lol, it was because I was at work.

Prodeus 1.0 is on Steam now. Yippie!

Nice. I have that through Game Pass. I should give it another shot. I wasn’t very impressed with the Early Access version, but you never know, sometimes the extra polish can make all the difference.

I thought it was the best retro shooter since Dusk, myself

Cultic gets a Retro-shooter thumbs up from me. You wanted Blood 2022? You pretty much got it.

Tue, October 25

Third Content Update for Graven has arrived just in time for Halloween!


The last content update before full release is spooktacular!

Greetings GRAVEN fans,

We are getting closer to full launch, but we wanted to get one last big update out for our awesome community. The spookiest season of the year was a clear choice, so we have prepared some new features perfect for Halloween:

  • A new area - the winding, flooded repository beneath the Library of Cruxfirth

  • A new side quest to unravel

  • New pickups and breakables

  • A devious new enemy - Skeleton Sapper

  • New traps and secret areas

  • Phantoms!

  • Pumpkins!

GRAVEN - Content Update 3 Trailer - YouTube

There are also a lot of changes under the hood, so to speak - read the full changelog below. And please, let us know what you think of the update, either here on Steam in the discussions or come chat to our Discord, we welcome and truly appreciate all feedback!

Full Change Log:


  • Add step back functionality for AIs

  • Add immolated enemies attack new target after everything attack

  • Add infected face variation

  • Add skeleton sapper enemy

  • Add support for AI’s to navigate around breakables, gates, doors

  • AIs that die from explosions have impulse applied

  • Add deacon spear attack chance of causing player to bleed (overtime damage)

  • Add Parry Sparks VFX to the Skeleton Warrior Sword parry ability

  • Add time delay between stunlocks for AIs

  • Add AI so that when stuck by projectiles or seeing those projectiles they are alerted

  • Reworked Mire Reaver

  • Rework Archivist

  • Rework Lichenthrope

  • Add more behaviours for AI doing range attacks when a player can’t be reached

  • Add support for enemies to retarget in coop

  • Adjusted Deacon knife fan

  • Gave Dihedral Priest some resistance to the Staff

  • Changed Skeleton Warrior burn time from 5 to 1

  • Made skeletons more resistant to the short sword

  • Adjusted shock stun times for multiple enemies

  • Updated Razorfin to makes it more easily stunnable and reduced bite damage

  • Undecaying Honored - Increased flinch chance, increased flinch cooldown

  • Lowered Cleric health a small amount

  • Made Lichenthropes more likely to flinch, with a reduced cooldown

  • Archivist - lowered the primary head health by 25%

  • Update skeleton armor damage to only take the base value and not multiplier from bones

  • Fix skitterflys not flying

  • Fix infected sliding after lunge attack

  • Fix Infected, Skitterflys, Razorfins, Lichanthropes, Undecaying Honored, Undecaying Punished being affected by swamp volumes

  • Fix startup animation not working on client

  • Fix SkitterFly not flying after exiting a level and returning


  • additional Boss action ‘Roar’

  • Update H1Boss to have projectile attacks in Phase 1

  • Update H1Boss to shoot projectile at enemies when off nav

  • Update H1Boss to have much shorter Phase 1

  • Fix projectile attachment on the H1Boss (and all other enemies that we couldn’t notice)


  • Add Gravick quest

  • Add librarian books to have gold sparkle VFX

  • Fix [Potential] for killing Mire Reavers in H1M4 not opening doors

  • Fix not killing both Mire Reavers in H1M4 before saving and later resuming, causing a softlock (couldn’t open doors)


  • Add dithering of foliage to fade in/out rather than popping

  • Add pickup vaccuum

  • Add smart loot system

  • Add Stamina costs for kinetic actions

  • Add more obituary tips

  • Add Casual/Nightmare difficulty

  • Add warning for trying to start outdated profile

  • Add quest rewards notifications

  • Add more lore notes to H1M3

  • Rework of elevators

  • Update boss health bar to disappear/reappear depending on the distance to the enemy

  • Fix two player markers present on map

  • Fix keg barrel not having ghost material

  • Fix paintings not having backfaces

  • Fix Infected character wobbles under a tree (all characters could run into this actually)

  • Fix main menu difficulty selection button loses focus if press left/right on the gamepad


  • Add more door sounds!

  • Add more gate sound!

  • Adjusted sound levels for footsteps, Area Names, Pickups (Health potions and mana), Staff weapon and wood break

  • Adjusted sounds levels of some weapon SFX


  • Add VFX for player taking unarmored damage

  • Add VFX for player swimming in water

  • Add VFX for player entering/exiting water

  • Add VFX for parrying

  • Add VFX for throwing health potions

  • Improve performance of pickup VFX


  • Add new fog!

  • Added pumpkins!

  • Add super secret to Black House Bog level

  • Add small secret to H1L1

  • Add mesh for critter holes

  • Add additional area to H1M3 - Cellar

  • Add crusher traps throughout HUB

  • Add Peat Cairns throughout HUB

  • Add phantoms across HUB

  • Add aftermath victims

  • Adjusted difficulty settings across entire HUB

  • Adjusted breakables and resources across HUB and difficulties

  • Adjust spawning logic to avoid bypassing enemies

  • Fix stone plague in Cruxfirth center playing wrong sound

  • Fix bunch of seams, misalignments, floating rocks, OOB across the HUB

  • Fix peat ammo pickup loading/unloading before being pickupable

  • Fix ladders being able to be disabled

  • Fix iron door in HUB1 town that was locked and never opened

  • Fix reso-breakable bars in lice slough not having the correct reso material for resonating stone

  • Fix various nav generation issues across the HUB

  • Fix H1M3 library main doors not properly opening

  • Fix H1M3 gate to hub not always being open


  • Add stamina recover to drinking health potions

  • Add FP models visual changes for discharge upgrades

  • Add visual upgrades for all weapons

  • Add additional behaviour for breakables when being kicked or hit with staff

  • Increase Ballista alt-fire damage

  • Buffed Short Sword parry damage reduction

  • Update Health Potion to be consumable when either health or stamina is not full

  • Adjusted armor values for the lower 2

  • Fix spellbook related crash on resuming a save

  • Fix not being able to hold multiple levers

  • Fix misplaced hand when holding the Ballista

  • Fix Ballista having wrong upgrade materials


  • Buffed falling damage slightly

  • Nerfed death gold penalty on lower difficulties

  • Improve ladder handling when entering a ladder from water

  • Improve ladder handling when entering water from a ladder

  • Stamina tweaks

  • Fix player still being crouched on Revive if they died

  • Fix when elevated above an NPC, their dialogue bubble cannot be triggered

  • Fix water PP effect not going away when climbing a ladder from water


Cultic is good, pretty good. Some level design could be better but still, I recommend it.

In fact upon finishing it I started Forgive me Father, and well, in comparison it seems notably worse.

Anything can be a dildo if you try hard enough.

The Ultrakill mod itself is called “UKbutt,” and can be downloaded from Github, where you’ll also find brief instructions for its installation and use. It looks like the mod requires some basic software tinkering knowledge, but nothing too complicated for a motivated player. Once installed, UKbutt can be used to trigger vibrations in the user’s device of choice based on what’s happening in Ultrakill. The currently supported vibration triggers are screen shake, weapon firing, movement (“dashing, sliding, etc”), and menu haptics.