The Compleat Retro Shooter thread

Oh yes. Last time I played that was on a nice vintage Viewsonic CRT roughly 2009. I still have my old CRT rig hooked up, but I’ve started to pile up old unused computers and associated parts all around it, so it’s hard to get to these days. But anyway, yes, I am real fond of Outlaws.

All of these old LucasArts shooters had amazing level design. A real sense of place.

Amid Evil expansion, August 18th.

Supplice added a new level.

Nightdive announced today that the publisher has paused development on SiN: Reloaded, a remaster of Ritual’s 1998 shooter that was announced at Realms Deep a few years ago in collaboration with 3D Realms.

SteamDB shows they’ve scrubbed any mention of its developer Slipgate Ironworks, 3DR’s internal team, who are currently very busy making Kingpin Reloaded, Wrath (Killpixel games hasn’t existed for years), Core Decay, Phantom Fury, that Command and Conquer inspired RTS, Graven and who knows what else and the trailer on 3DR’s channel has gone private. It’s safe to assume that Night Dive weren’t happy with the project’s progress and decided to make a change.

Night Dive has a hiatus addiction. See you in seven years SiN Reloaded, assuming Covid 2 0 hasn’t wiped us out first.

Rick Lane at Eurogamer says it’s the best boomer shooter he’s ever played. 5 stars.

Quake 2 remastered

It’s on game pass too.

It’s out now. 96% positive on Steam is pretty impressive, I will have to play it, but later, when I finish my current games.

Launch trailer


‘Johnny Turbo’ made me lol.

Sold, but that trailer was too long. The Quake 2 trailer was great though, so much so I gave it a spin on Game Pass.

I don’t know whether it’s coming straight off Deadlink but Quake 2 felt rigid, even compared to what I remember of Quake. Switching to grenades to throw them is awkward and weapon switching and shooting seemed a bit sluggish and unresponsive to me at times.

A question about Turbo Overkill, which I just started.

How the difficulty scales up? What difficulty did you choose?
I played the first three levels and it was very easy, on the third (medium?) difficulty, of five. I don’t know if I should raise it or the game is still in the ‘tutorial mode’ on these first levels. Although, the game won’t let me raise it, only lower it??, so I would have to restart the campaign.

I have been playing more of Turbo Overkill during the day. It’s super cool… and the slide-&-chainsaw is Awesome, but I guess I am one of those weirdos that instead of being happy with something awesome, it makes me think ‘actually I wish this awesome thing was less common’. I’m killing 90%of the enemies with it. It overpowers and overshadows the rest of your weapon arsenal, and that’s the issue for me. Because the game also has some solid weapons and interesting fire modes, and in some way, it feels bad I’m not using them more! 90% chainsaw, as I said.
It speeds up movement a lot, it does decent damage, it makes you a smaller target, and it heals me and give me armor (with basic upgrades installed). Yes, maybe it’s a me problem. I read someone on Steam complaining it makes the game too easy and the answer of the fans was ‘use it less, it’s your choice’, and that’s where I disagree, I want balanced games, not games where one option is clearly better than the others and the player is the one who has to self-impose limitations to himself to not abuse it.
TLDR: I wish the slide would have to be recharged with x enemies killed or something like that.

edit: playing this game after Quake 2 is sure a trip. Both are FPS, but they play damn different.

This is also where I sit. Perhaps later in the game the leg-chainsaw-slide-thing won’t be the answer to everything?

Kinda, yeah. I’m in Episode 2 now, and there are pair of new enemies (a flying one, and one that leave toxic waste on the ground upon being damaged), so the game increases the enemy types that can’t be chainsawed easily, together another pair that already existed. And a third new floating enemy that shield other enemies.

The Amid Evil expansion is now out. A bit weird imo to release an expansion now, it has passed enough time he should have done a sequel.

One thing that really prevents me from enjoying these retro shooters is the lack of automatic checkpoints. If I place the difficulty too low, these shooters just aren’t as fun. Being challenging is essential to the fun with them. But if they’re challenging, and you’re like me and keep playing and playing and forgetting to save, then it really sucks to have to do the whole level again from the beginning. I have this problem with the Quake 1 and 2 remasters as well. Saving the game is just not top of mind, and I hate it when the game forces me to make it top of mind again, it just doesn’t feel good to be worrying about saving.

If they just had mid-game automatic checkpoints throughout the level, none of this would be a problem, I’ll gladly just play it again from the checkpoint.

The last two I played, Turbo Overkill and Quake 2, both had checkpoints. Although Q2 had few of them.

Quake 2 saves when you load a new map. Which is not often enough.

I could swear in saved in the middle of a map sometimes. Maybe I’m wrong.

Well, Quake 2 has these hub levels, where you walk through a door, you get to a new area, it saves there, and if you walk back through the door and go back to the hub level, it saves again, etc. And I think you’re right, there’s a couple of very rare mid-level auto-saves too in some of those levels, but not often enough. I usually have to start all over.

Come to think of it, the ones I’m remembering now are not “mid-level” saves at all, but just an autosave before you get to the final enemies in a level.

I started the Amid Evil expansion. It also has autosave :P

Ideally speaking, games would have both quicksaves and autosaves. However, if I would have to choose between both, I would pick quicksaves, because history has shown I better not trust game developers to make a good job.

edit: some screens