The Compleat Retro Shooter thread

Supplice episode 2 is out now, although right now I’m too busy with other games, maybe in three weeks I will be able to play it

That is some fantastic looking level design.

Dario Casali, one of the two creators of Final Doom, who later went to be a level designer at Valver for 26 YEARS, is starting a retrospective about Half Life:

Very cool. That should go in the Videos about video games thread too.

I just listened to the start. He said he kept a daily diary back then, so he’ll be drawing on that heavily to remember what life was like during those years! That’s so cool. Very lucky for us he kept a diary.

After 25 years SiN (1998) finally has a source port and I’m pleased to say it’s amazing. It offers high resolution and controller support along with a weapon selection wheel and proper HUD scaling.

Wow, I’m very curious about this. I love Sin: Episodes, but really thought the original Sin was too janky at the time. Really horrible stealth sequences where you character would sway extremely to the left and right and walk really slowly and if you were discovered it was game over.

Pretty amazing. SiN did a lot of evolutionary FPS things right. I was waiting for the Nightdive remasters but hey

Is Half Life retro at this point? Because it’s free on Steam right now

I would be amused if someone on this forum came to this thread and thought I wonder what Half Life is like.

I can still remember buying HL1 off the shelf at CompUSA or someplace like that and being blown away by the intro to the game. Played a crapload of HL team death-match (a friend of mine hosted a server), which was a blast.

I think we have another 5-10 years before it suddenly becomes retro, though.

The very retro Wizordum is now out (in Early Access)

Anybody tried the Perfect Dark PC port?

I just got it up and running, and it looks and runs fantastic.
I never had the N64 version, so I have no clue how good the game is, but happily this version supports ultra-high resolutions, and has full mouse and keyboard support, complete with re-bindable keys and reverse Y-axis for mouse! Looking forward to getting into it later today.

Pc Gamer made of of those yearly summaries so in vogue

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A weird game. There is a demo on Steam.