The Compleat Retro Shooter thread

This looks crunchy

That’s a great trailer. I wonder why it’s so pixel-ly? I wonder if you can increase the resolution to get rid of that.

Because some games go for a ‘low-fi’ aesthetic. Some imitate ps1 graphics with their weird triangle warping, etc.

I don’t like it, but in most of these games this shit can be turned off or toned down in settings.

The PS1 aesthetic is a bit like the low-fi early days of digital cinematography - if it’s horror adjacent, it can work phenomenally. If not, you’re going to work real hard for me to give you any time of day.

The movement looks great. I think I remember seeing this on Twitter a while back… ah, yep, it’s on my wishlist lol.

@Rock8man yeah, a lot of these boomer shooters have intentionally crunchy lo-fi visuals, like Dusk, Cultic, HROT, Ultrakill, Boltgun etc. They’re retro shooters after all :)

Looks way too hyperactive to me. Skipped Mad Mullet Jack or whatever it’s called for the same reason.

Reminds me of the BUILD engine.

Vosty released a prequel campaign for his incredible Ashes total conversion.

Awesome! Ashes is one of my favorites. Thanks.

is now out (in EA). Only $10, and it has the first episode, of three. Reviews are very good.

From what I have read
-Retro FPS
-lots of very original bosses
-Kinda similar vibe to Northern Journey
-99% positive on Steam

I enjoyed the Fallen Aces demo enough to go ahead and buy the game. Combat is hilarious and I like the noir setting.

Yeah, that’s one Tarason has been on about and it looks and sounds really cool. I want to try that Zortch first though:

Also, Northern Journey really has stuck with me in a way few other games have. It’s fast becoming one of my favourites.

Based on the trailer, are we certain Zortch isn’t a rebranded Daikatana?