The COMPLETE Calvin & Hobbes

One word: Awesome!

Get your preorder in now. I got a first edition Complete Far Side, and then that sucka sold out before Xmas 2003 and demand was so heavy they put out a second print run. So I’m happy I jumped on it when I could.

That’s beautiful. I’d say I’m going to buy this, but I said the same thing about the Far Side collection and I still haven’t gotten it yet. I just can’t get myself to drop $100 on something like that, no matter how nice it is.

I was just saying the other day that I needed a Calvin and Hobbes collection like the Far Side one I’d received for my birthday. Someone up there was listening…

I think you can get the Far Side deal for $70 in some places. It’s definitely worth that much.

— Alan

At any rate, you have to get The Pre-History of the Far Side.

Let me put it this way: sometimes - just sometimes, mind - the caption for The Far Side and Dennis the Menace would get accidentally switched.

Wow, that looks awesome.