The Confucius Peace Prize

Was invented this week by China because the Nobel Peace Prize was given to some poopy-head and no one gets Lenin Peace Prizes any more. It was then won by a small and somewhat confused girl.

I am not making this up.

… Well, except for that one part:

The winner was Lien Chan, a rather dowdy senior Taiwanese politician

That’s a matter of writing to make his point, not fabrication or error on Lum’s part. There’s a reason Lien Chan isn’t holding a trophy in that picture.

Yes. I know.

Well, that’s strike 2 this week for me, then. Better luck next time.

Rather hilarious take on the whole thing.

Don’t sweat it ;)

Besides Serbia, who are the other countries not going due to Chinese pressure?

I found this -

So, you have countries not attending the Nobel Prize awards because of China’s financial power. I think we’re seeing the real threat of the new China.

As Clinton said, “How do you get tough on your banker?” China’s financial power is more challenging to deal with than their military power.

If the real thread of the new China is that it might be harder to fill seats at international award shows, I can deal with that.

The point is that the real threat of China today is its economic power, not its military power.

Economic warfare could quickly turn into proxy terrorism.

I wonder how hard this thing would be to win without becoming persona non grata in the US. It has claim to (in?)fame potential.

Assuming they don’t sweep it under the rug and never speak of it again.

… why would winning this thing make you persona non grata in the US?

Yeah, its not like you have a choice in the matter.

If you accepted the thing theres a lot of people that would call you on it and odds are nothing good would come of it, but just winning it means next to nothing.

What is the point in trying to win it if you can’t claim it?