The correct score for NWN2

I’m getting confused here, and I don’t like being confused. Is it a good game or not?

Where’s the option for “I think we need a NWN2 score debate forum”?

Because I would definitely vote for that one.

I give this thread a score of 4.8.

  • Alan

I wasn’t a big NWN player, but a couple folks I know at another forum seem to like it fine. They’re just having some trouble getting it to run smoothly on their Ok Level machines.

I think vBulletin supports a five-star rating for topics, and I’m sure everyone would love to see that option enabled…

Thus far, it’s better than the original NWN, but make no mistake, if you didn’t like the interface and mechanics of the original you probably won’t like the sequel.

Having a blast, personally. The GUI could use some tweaking and performance is definitely a problem, but the game and gameplay itself is top-notch.

I’m really liking the game so far. All the complaints about the camera and NPC AI and bugs are accurate, but I think years of PC RPGs has hardened me to bugs. I wonder how many people remember how insanely buggy, say, Fallout 2 was at launch. Not saying that excuses anything, just saying it’s like a tradition in PC RPGs to short the QA work.

Fallout2 didn’t sell very well, and they’re only making a sequel now 10 years later because it was a cult classic and the IP was cheap. Polish matters. It just does.

Polish matter for sales and mass appeal, but games like Arcanum, unpolished but a great experience, always end up being my favored RPGs.

Mine too. And yet they don’t sell very well, so they don’t make them very often. If RPGs were more polished, we would have more RPGs to play.

Word “Oblivion” being mentioned in 5… 4… 3…

Oh, wait. Whoops.

Since I brought it up, in many ways I consider Oblivion the anti-Arcanum. Arcanum I wanted to love, but never found the time and proper inclination to delve into. If I had, I probably would have wound up thrilled but not satisfied. Oblivion I spent many hours with, and completed several quest lines (including the “main” one), and was left satisfied but not thrilled.

Do you have the numbers to back that up? I was under the impression Fallout 2 sold just fine considering the much lower cost to make games in the late nineties. The fact that Fallout: Tactics was the largest number of pre-orders had by Interplay reinforces that is was a popular lisence. I think we can blame Interplay’s terrible management for why we didn’t see a sequel earlier. They seriously seemed to have thought that making low quality console games is a way out of money trouble.

Oblivion seems like the Non-RPG Gamers RPG of choice. Good graphics to suck them in. Stats on the down-low. Kinetic combat. Mini-games. These things scream Action RPG. Not Diablo, closer to Deus Ex/Bloodlines? Say yes to me, say no to me.

OT: Will buy NWN2 after I finish Lazarus. (just got Lord British’s Crown!) In the meantime, I give it a 10.

I’m really enjoying the game. It’s the first game since BG2 that I’ve lost sleep over. Yeah there are control issues and AI issues. But I am glad that I got it. I give it an 8 and to hell with the nay sayers.

There is a good party-based RPG hidden inside NWN2.

It’s hidden beneath shitty graphics, a shitty framerate, and a fairly shitty interface.

Call me a hater, but I think the NwN2 engine is absolute dogshit.

I need a (4) option as someone who will never play NWN2 and enjoys skewing polls. Please revise.

I’m not even to chapter 2 yet, so I don’t feel comfortable slapping a score on it. Though I am enjoying the game in general and already feel more involved and impressed by the campaign than the snore-fest that was the first NWN.

It is glitchy as hell. There are bugs, showstoppers, awkward moments that break suspension of disbelief, and several script triggers that can fail to launch and ruin savegames. The camera is annoying, the UI has flaws, the graphics are pretty but run like an absolute dog, and the product feels like it needed yet more time in development at almost every turn.

But the campaign is really great stuff. I am very near the end of Chapter 1 and forcing myself to go to bed. I had my doubts about the quality of the included campaign, but once the character interaction and more interesting D&D abilities begin to kick in (which is approximately the point I am finally hitting), it appears as though it may turn into something genuinely special.

Jury is still out, but I am far more enthusiastic about NWN2 than I was yesterday. The game takes more than a few hours to get rolling, but it appears to be of epic length and so far it’s just been getting better and better.

Oh, and there’s still a huge NWN community out there that hasn’t even entered into the picture yet.

Way to be biased - you didn’t even include a 5 so Matt could partake in this thread.
I’d rate the character creation 8 but haven’t managed to get further… even though I’ve had the game for more than two weeks (yeah, I suck)