The Council, an episodic RPG without combat


Episode 2 was out this week.


I did buy this, because I felt like this was worth supporting, but I’ve decided I’m going to wait until all the episodes are out to play through. I feel like it would work better that way.


has anyone played this? I see it’s on sale for $18 (all episodes) on Xbox this week for Gold members. I didn’t have time to see how many episodes are currently out or what the remaining release schedule is.


I bought it, but then decided to wait until all the episodes are out to start playing. If I remember correctly, I believe 2 (of 5) episodes are available now.

Edit: well, I’m just repeating what I wrote a month ago.


So what is going on with this game, Episode 3 was released in July and then the dev’s went all silent.

And apparently going my user comments on Steam, Episode 3 had a feeling of being rushed content.


Oh hey, episode 4 is out today!


Well, at least one episodic game I bought is still getting released. I should probably play it.


I would get this once complete. How many episodes are there supposed to be?


Five, if they’re sticking to plan.


Final episode is out!


Well timed sale this week for Xbox Live Gold members. $20.09 instead of $30 for the complete season.

Are there reviews for the game up on any of the big sites yet?


It’s 50% off or $15 in the US on Steam.


Well I feel foolish, paid full price on release and still haven’t made time to play. Oh well.


Again half off, anyone finish it and have opinions?


I keep peeking at it, the reviews talking about how bad the last episode is have kept me from clicking it.


Yep same here. :)


Same. In fact, I removed it from my wish list.


I already own it, just need to find time to play it. But now that it’s finished, I should make time for it soon.


I’ve played it - it’s…the definition of an interesting 6-7/10 game. The dialogue RPG ideas in it are pretty great, the presentation is kinda low rent and the story takes a turn I really didn’t care for around the midpoint.


I just noticed this is on sale this week (for another 12 hours) for Xbox Live Gold members- $15 for the complete season. So I bit. I have no idea when I’ll get to it- Astroneer, Crackdown 3 later this week, etc.- but I’ve surprised myself in the past by just starting things when I don’t expect, so perhaps soon?