The Crew 2 - Planes, boats, and automobiles

We’re getting some nifty previews of The Crew 2, the sequel to Ubisoft’s open-world driver. This time, you can switch seamlessly between a car to a plan to a boat with the push of a button.

That’s cool.

Holy crap, that looks great.

Ubi get a lot of criticism for reskinning earlier work, but I think they’re pretty inventive.

It’s funny, I love Crew, and they keep saying that they “listen to feedback” and did boats and planes because people were asking for it so much, but never in years of visiting Crew subreddit have I seen anyone posting about wanting boats and planes.
What I wanted is a new continent (europe or japan) and better physics, so the first announcement was really disappointing.

But seeing the videos, while I am still not very interested in planes and boats, I do like how much better the game and the US in it looks, so I will probably get it again anyway. Still, here is hoping they go elsewhere in the next game.

“Agents of… Race-hem?” I got nothing.

I’m hoping for a more robust physics engine in this one, plus it’d be nice if it got much, much prettier. I like the idea of Crew, but I didn’t like playing it or looking at it.

Interview frond GamesCom. Looks cool. I hope there is a demo/beta to try since the physics was one of the Hingis I didn’t like about the first game.

It’s definitely looking a lot prettier than the first though.

Delayed to the “first half of of our next fiscal year” which starts on April 2018 for Ubisoft.

It’s almost like they want to get bought out by Vivendi. Both this and Far Cry delayed, and an unannounced game pushed into the next financial year. That’s gotta hurt their revenue projections.

Just got a mail saying the beta is starting. Looking forward to seeing how this works…

I got my invite as well. Of course it’s over the same weekend I’ll be out of town! At least I’ll get to check it out Thursday night.

Maybe @tomchick (known Crew apologist) can stream this a bit? I’ve always thought Crew was a cool idea, but that the implemntation was a little weak. Hopefully Crew 2 can deliver.

EDIT: Just signed up for the beta, hopefully I get a code. :)

I’m hoping The Crew 3 is in a compressed Europe, like Crew 1 and 2 are in a compressed U.S.A.

Only if you can also turn into a train.

That would be sweet.

I really hope there is a realistic physics model, cockpit camera and wheel support. that would be super sweet. Something that felt a bit like the “hardcore” setting in Driveclub would be awesome!

That would be sweet.

There are cockpits and wheel support, like in the first game. Doubt that the physics will be anywhere near Forza Horizon 3 though.

I signed up for the beta but is still waiting.

They’ve adopted the Xtreme style of endless cutaway graphics from the less enjoyable Dirt games.

I do wonder how well wheel support will work in The Crew 2 given the new gimmick of on-the-fly vehicle switching. Car-to-boat shouldn’t be a problem, but the planes will need a joystick or gamepad.