The Crew 3

You’re not alone in that, @rowe33.

I mean, when I think The Crew, I think two things.

  • Large, diverse landmass.
  • The whole thing with cars having different classes and gear, and being able to spec one car into different versions of itself to enter different types of races.

You can make a good game with only the latter, but I’d prefer to have both, if I could.

And for what it’s worth, you don’t need to have any specific landmass to make me happy. If their version of Oahu is big and provides varied environments that are fun to drive around in, then I’ll be happy.

They could certainly make Oahu about the same size as they made The United States in The Crew 1 and 2. Easily.

Oahu was pretty big in TDU already, and pretty varied in terms of the biomes.

For me at least it’s not about drivable area in terms of travel time, it’s about diversity of environments and recognisable and distinct cities.

I wonder if the timing implies current gen only.

Set it on Mars. I want to race to Olympus Mons.


I’m confused. Are you talking about TDU? People are definitely talking about that franchise in contrasting it with The Crew, but it looks like you’re responding to a post about The Crew. Are you saying there are rumors about The Crew 3 that it will be a smaller area, like TDU? Or are you talking about rumors about a new TDU game?

The rumor is that the next The Crew game, (The Crew 3) will be called The Crew Motorsport and it will be set in Oahu - a return to the Oahu setting for the TDU2 dev team which became the studio behind The Crew series.

Apparently, they started on this during the pandemic as a DLC for The Crew 2, but it expanded until the decision was made to turn it into the next The Crew, or so the rumor goes.

A “smaller” area is relative of course. The continental US in the first two The Crew games is ridiculously compressed, while the Oahu in TDU2 was quite expansive.

Added the announcement video to the OP.

A few more details here, but not many.

I’m surprised it’s also coming for last-gen consoles as well. Xbox One and PS4, as well as the new ones.

Well, looks like the leak was 100% correct.

This reminds me I need to get back to TDU2.

Is gambling legal in Hawaii? I remember spending just as much time in the casino grinding for cash to buy better cars than I do actually racing.

Heh got me, I’m still relatively new to the game.

“The entire island will be open to explore - giving players access to the likes of volcano slopes, steep mountain roads, rainforest, and sunny beaches.”

It’s littoraly Forza Horizon 5.

“Volcano slopes”?

If they wanted to do Hawaii and actually have a bunch of different terrain to explore, the Big Island would have been a much better choice.

Not enough city roads for racing on the Big Island. Really, just not enough paved roads period.

Sure, but if they’re making up volcanoes on Oahu, they could make up some roads on the Big Island.

As long as they’re making stuff up, be cool if they included ALL the islands, with bridges between them, and put dinosaurs on Kauai.