The Culling - May the odds be ever in your favor

As a contestant in the deadly game of The Culling, you must explore, scavenge items, craft weapons, and build traps that will enable you to slay your fellow contestants and emerge victorious before the end of the round. Only with cunning, skill, and a little luck will you be able to prevail and survive the match.

Unlike add-on modes in open-world survival games, The Culling redefines the battle royale genre by providing a tightly focused stand-alone experience that delivers incredible thrills and endless story-worthy moments.

Xaviant, the devs that gave us Lichdom: Battlemage is making a multiplayer scavenging/crafting PvP game. Basically, it’s the battle royale mode from H1Z1 and other games split into its own thing. (Coincidentally, H1Z1 is splitting the battle royale mode into a separate game too.) Of course, this will have in-game F2P currency, loot drops, and Steam Marketplace trades.

Is this the new F2P hotness since the MOBA market claimed so many lives?

From where the ‘battle royale’ subgenre appeared? I saw it first in Arma.

Makes sense. Pick a game mode popular in Minecraft servers, and turn it into a full game, with better graphics, more elements, better netcode. It may even get free publicity from streamers, if the game is stream-friendly, not too much downtime and weird twist for the streamers personalities to do their routines.

Watch this game becoming a juggernaut. There, I said it.

This game was huge over the weekend on Twitch. Pretty much everyone I follow played it for some amount of time and a few played it the entire weekend. As Alphas go it looked pretty slick but definitely still needs work. It’ll be interesting to see what lessons they take away from the weekend and how it shapes the game moving forward.

Finally leaving early access!

Comments on STEAM and REDDIT do not paint a pretty picture, looks like it will be DOA.

According to the review comments, the game was good at some point, but the developer went and screwed it all up. Why did you do that, developer?

He saw Hrose’s prediction and decided to throw a monkey wrench in it.

Good plan I say.

Man the community hates the shit out of the developers for this game… just read a page or two of comments here:

How can the developers and the player community want such different things? I don’t get it. They even killed off the subreddit…


Sad trombone.

They sure alienated the hell out of their community along the way, somehow…

How? What does “downgrade the game” mean?

I dunno but holy shit their community fucking hated them. I mean, I get gamers being entitled man-babies in general, but this particular situation seemed far worse.

And it has gone F2P now!