The Curse - Showtime/Paramount, Home-flipping to your doom

Emma Stone, Nathan Fielder and Benny Safdie

Cannot wait for this one.

November 10th is almost here! Highly anticipating this one.

I’ve watched the trailer a couple of times, and it seems that things just start going wrong for them, but I didn’t get a supernatural vibe from it or anything.

This is incredibly weird and awkward.

Also weirdly foreboding, almost like a horror show.

Truly unique

That’s a good way of putting it, the vibes are really fucked with this. I didn’t know beforehand that Fielder co-created this with the Uncut Gems guys but it makes sense after watching it.

My wife “noped out” after the first micropenis made its appearance, but I found the first episode intriguing despite the aforementioned spoiler. The episode also features one of the creepiest sex scenes I have ever suffered through.

Major existential horror vibes. I’m interested to see where it goes.

Yes, it is almost offputting with how oppressive the atmosphere is, and it really does not feel like there is anyone to root for in this one.

Either way, I am completely hooked if only due to Fielders previous work.

I watched the first episode. Phew, definitely intense and oppressive, like Uncut Gems. And also cringey like Fielder’s previous work.

The second episode is up, I noticed, but I’ll probably not get to it until this weekend.

Episode 2 was also a very hard watch.

Agreed all around. Episode 2 at times felt even more claustrophobic and unsettling than Episode 1.

I particularly like Alan Sepinwall’s reaction to one sequence in the episode: