The Daily Show: 2007

I was considering a thread rez of an old Daily Show thread, but it’s from a couple of years ago, so bleh.

Don’t want to give a whole synopsis of today’s show, but I just had to say that Dennis Miller totally sucked on the show. Sad. Flailing. Desperate. And worst of all…not funny. Jon Stewart laughed at some of his obligatorily obscure references…then went on to make fun of them in his hand-off to Colbert at the end of the show.

I’m trying to sum up what Miller’s funny points were (after spending his first diatribe on the Duke Lacrosse Rape Case…nice recent credit Dennis). He seems to be living his current comic life on the premise that making fun of liberals–exclusively–is just as funny as making fun of conservatives.

To that end, the sum total of his jokes about the Democrats were…Nancy Pelosi has a weird eye-blinking thing, Gore talks a lot, and Harry Reid is really old. Oh, and so is Robert Byrd.

Good job Dennis. Here’s a clue: highlight idiocy and absurdity in the actions of either side without regard to your own politics and maybe you’ll be able to find the Well of Souls where your sense of humor was buried a thousand years ago. Wiped clean by the wroth of god.

Oh…Rob Riggle was fucking hilarious tonight.

“Nothing in this bill whatsoever that has anything to do with tropical fish.”


Funny you should mention this as it was the only Daily Show I’ve seen all year. Used to DVR it but it recorded way too often and I didn’t have the time. I agree with you 100% on Miller. He’s just a parody of himself now.

The Riggle bit was amusing but was that company even real? Those skits are more amusing when they would catch real nutjubs off guard but this was way over the top.

The Corddry brothers were on Fresh Air on NPR recently and mentioned that since the show is well known now, they sometimes have to work a lot to get the interviewees to stop trying to be funny.

Agreed. Partisan Miller less funny that non-Partisan Miller.

Yeah. Even a few years ago I could still find Miller funny even though he was starting to drink the Kool-Aid. He was able to make coherent points and still not come off as loopy.

The two things about his segment last night that were okay were the Duke bit and his response to Jon asking “you’re cramming about 15 minutes worth of references into 30 seconds”, which was “I only have 6 minutes!”.

The rest of it was either reaching (the Republicans don’t have doddering old clowns in Congress? Come on…), or just unfunny (Pelosi blinks a lot?).

I used to be a huge fan. I liked his MNF stint, but that interview was just painful. It’s like he hopes that by being the opposite of Bill Maher (only funnier?) he can tap into this massive audience of conservatives because the “liberal” comedy world is saturated. Only if you have to sacrifice some level or believability and a lot of funny to get there, nobody will care.

I was kind of shocked that Miller managed to forget that the reason the Daily Show is “one sided” is because one side has been in control for 6+ years. They were just as hard on Clinton, and have no problem skewering Dems when they do something (which he did point out) out there.

I’m pretty sure that company is real, but the funnier part was definitely the nerdy eco-guy decrying the practice of cloning (the real nutjob off guard). The gerbil bit was awesome.

Dennis Miller isn’t half as funny as he used to be.

Wilmore Oliver INVESTIGATES!!!

Oh man, that was the best bit. Actually this whole episode was great, with Hodgman’s awesome opening stuff.

that was the most i ever laughed at the daily show since the gop convention episode where stephen colbert described the delegates as servants of - and then proceeds to list 50 names for satan, bebeezebub, the great evil, the prince of darkness, belial, mastemah, the destroyer, sammael, asmodeus, the one who shall not be named.

Pure awesome.

You could have just called this thread “Dennis Miller sucks.” Because boy, does he ever.

Agree with Funkman and Russell. That show was nice and dense with the funny. We need more Wilmore Oliver Reports.

That Wilson Oliver Report segment had me laughing so hard, I got the hiccups.

And about time too. I really felt that Oliver was flailing. All his bits were starting to feel the same to me.

What happened to the “Guy who ran the pizza place in Spiderman 2”? I kind of liked him.

Hodgman always cracks me up. He’s awesome.

RE: Miller, agreed for the most part but I laughed out loud with the “Louvre of DNA” line.

Frankly, Miller looked better on Daily Show than he has in ages, which says little. When he hits his stride in of rapid fire references he’s bound to hit on something, and he didn’t look quite as smug and pleased with himself when doing it this time. The problem is that he’s on the dumbass side of politics and champions that. Jokes about Dems are usually good stuff, but when Miller comes out praising Stewart for being equal opportunity and then proceeds to act like he’s being paid by the GOP campaign to get in as many shots as possible, the delivery starts to suck.

Yeah, John Hodgeman is the man. I’ve started to look forward to his segments as much as I look forward to Back in Black.

Holy Zen, did you guys see the interview with John Bolton tonight? God, Stewart just laid right the hell into him.

Whew. I just watched the most recent John McCain episode on my TiVo. Goddamn. Fantastic fucking interview. Not that it reveals anything new, necessarily. But I cannot think of another venue where you would see someone go head-to-head in such a forceful yet respectful way as this with someone who should be challenged like McCain. Someone who clearly knows better, but carries water anyway.

I’m not going to get too deeply into the politics here–this isn’t P&R after all–but I was just floored by this interview. Jon Stewart just kept after him, but makes it clear he respects and loves the man. I don’t know how Stewart does it. McCain was a man I considered voting for years ago. Now he disgusts me. Jon Stewart is clearly disappointed in him, yet he gives him a fair chance whenever he can. He refuses to burn bridges. He strikes this amazing balance between grilling him and letting him off the hook with comic relief.

It’s frustrating to me, but I can’t help but admire it.

Here’s a link to video of the interview if you need it.


Bill Moyer’s conversation with Jon Stewart from Friday is up on PBS:

Good stuff. Again it shows how easy it is for Stewart to dominate the room, even around someone like Moyers. He’s brilliant at what he does.

Tobey Maguire was on the other night. A so-so interview with a couple of good moments. He claimed he didn’t even know which show he was coming out for until he turned the corner and saw Jon Stewart sitting behind the desk. Stewart was surprised that Tobey Maguire was all dressed up in a suit. “You had another show to do before this one didn’t you?” “Letterman.”

Stewart asked if Spider-Man 3 was a good movie. “Third films can go either way. You can go great or you can go Godfather III.” I don’t know if it was because Tobey Maguire is at the end of a long period of intense travelling for promoting the film, but he seemed less than enthused about answering this question. “I think it’s good.” “People are responding positively.” That kind of thing. Maybe I was reading into it, but I didn’t really get the impression that he felt he could resoundingly answer in the affirmative. Seemed kind of ho-hum.

Best part about him being on the show for me was the revelation that the film actually opens this weekend. I had no idea. Seriously. (I’m a little anal about avoiding spoilers, so I usually avoid all advertisements and even fast-forwarded through the part of the interview where they started to talk about the plot.) Happy to know it starts this weekend as my dad is coming into town for a visit and I’d love to go see it with him.

The other segments of the show had some great moments. Bush was answering questions, looked like he was with a couple other world leaders at the EU/US Summit. A British journalist asked him how Condi Rice would react if she ran into the Foreign Minister from Iran. Bush answered, “Should the foreign minister of Iran bump into Condi, Condi won’t be rude. She’s not a rude person.”

Stewart’s reply: “What is he, 12?”

He went on with [paraphrasing], “We’re not talking about what might happen if Lindsay Lohan runs into Paris!” “So when Condi Rice faces one of the most important diplomatic moments, the president is reasonably sure she won’t be that much of a dick.”

Another great moment, a new book: Paul Wolfowitz’s Counterintuitive Hints. Example: “To get red wine out of a table cloth, rub dog shit on it.”

John Hodgeman was also on this one, talking about Wolfowitz’s karma, saying that the man took the World Bank job as a hail mary pass to keep him out of hell. As things stand now, however, “Paul Wolfowitz will come back as Paul Wolfowitz. I don’t know if you know a lot about zen, Jon, but technically that’s called a Buddhist Mind Fuck.”

I believe if I ever start a band, I’m going to call it Buddhist Mind Fuck.

Finally, the whole episode was worth watching for the end of the segment entitled “The Olmert Report”: Specifically the moment right after Jon says, “…or to translate that into the international language of dance…” You can watch this on the Comedy Central website, or grab it from Crooks and Liars if you care to view it. [Be warned, Crooks and Liars is a liberal website. I feel compelled to say that since this is not P&R, after all.]

OH–and I realize this is a silly thing to get excited over–at the first commercial break came the announcement, “Brought to you by TiVo”! There was a TiVo commercial. It was kind of dopey, but it was there. I can’t recall ever seeing a tv commercial for TiVo before.

Again, I know. Dumb thing to get excited about. I’d just like to see TiVo succeed.