The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

“Same chair, different ass.”

haha jon stewart is small

That was terrific.

Hahaha that was great.

Trevor Noah also has an amazing stand-up special on Netflix. Just to whet your appetite while we wait for next month.

I’m excited but trepidatious. I wasn’t that taken with The Nightly Show after I watched a few episodes. It might need a warmup period, but I’ll be tuning in for the new Daily Show.



What did you guys think of the first episode? I like him more than I thought it would, some good jokes and deliveries (plus some few duds, but Stewart had those too). My brain is telling me John Oliver’s first night was better, but I can’t remember if I am just inferring back from his segments in Last Week Tonight.

Looking forward to seeing more!

I thought it was fantastic. Between John Oliver & Trevor Noah, I think I can fill the comedic hole left by Jon Stewart & the Colbert Report.

I love that Trevor Noah is able to prove edgy comedy & politically correct comedy can be one & the same. In terms of content, it’s not really any different from what Colbert’s persona would pretend to believe, but it’s a more direct kind of satire that tends to make liberals antsy, here needlessly. Continuing the war on bullshit, indeed.

Great first episode. I was very happy to hear Noah say the “war on bullshit” continues, as the show’s political satire has always been the best bit. It also appears that much of the writing staff must have stayed on, as there was no dip in quality.

Yeah, great first episode. He seemed a lot more comfortable than John Oliver when he took over for the summer than Jon was gone.

That was really good. Felt natural.

Didn’t catch the first episode yet but I did see his stand-up special on Netflix called African American (thanks for the tip, Austin!) and I thought he was great. Especially this bit on sports. His relaxed soccer commentators had me in stitches. “Oh, what a wonderful day it is…”

Oh this is really fantastic, thanks for this.

The wife and I watched the first episode last night and we were both impressed. I thought that he looked very at-ease in the chair and he seemed to work with the material very nicely.

The interview with Kevin Hart was a bit weak. Some parts of it seemed very rehearsed while in other places Noah seemed at a loss for something to say. It wasn’t too noticeable because Hart filled in the gaps with various antics, but Noah will have to up his game with less quick-witted guests. One of the toughest jobs on these shows is when the host gets a guest who is either too tired or simply not very good at talking without a script; in such cases they have to be ready to jump in and improvise, and that’s a hard-learned skill. Colbert had this problem in the first few months of his show too, and I have no doubt that Noah will learn quickly.

I’d agree the interview seemed stilted. It’s to be expected, Noah doesn’t have the experience nor the rapport w/ guests that comes from them watching his show for 10 years. Otherwise, I’d say it was a good first effort.

Second show proves more of the same: fantastic news jokes but a stilted & awkward interview.

John Stewart’s celebrity interviews were awful, too. He did a great job with political figures, scientists and the like. But with actors or fellow comedians, he’d just fawn over them for a while. Noah is just upholding tradition ;)

I’m enjoying the new show. The writers are still great.

Yeah, with Stewart it got so I’d always switch off the show if it was a celebrity interview, so I don’t think that’s any great loss.