The Dance of The Sugarplum Speeders

“Hey, guys, I think we found a bug.”

My character’s in there on a speeder bike. The rest of the guys on are swoops.

Maybe something’s wrong with my screen, all I see is black with spinning orange spots.

That is odd. You should see a bunch of Star Wars speederbikes stuck in upright positions (like insane wheelies) and just zipping around each other. It’s probably more stupid than funny but the “Dance of The Sugarplum Faeries” song makes it - what little of it there is to be made.

No major loss if you can’t get it to work right. :)

All I really see is what looks like an exhaust plume. I’ll check it again when I’m home from work.

No, that’s all I see too. The orange engines on whatever it is that’s in the center with black everywhere else. There will be an occasional blob of color flickering around the screen, but that is it.

It’s kinda dark but not that dark. Maybe try maximizing it? Not sure it’s really worth all that effort though.

I can see it fine in BSPlayer. Amazingly dull though.

Brian, you could at least tell us how you did it. Was it just as easy as pulling all the way up?

It’s some kind of bug. We went in to attack an Imperial base (part of the new planetary control GCW stuff) and I think it was somehow built on a slope. But the bikes ended up getting stuck at the slope’s angle even when we respawned them. We were feeling a bit celebratory after wiping the base out anyhow - that team had taken out 10 over the weekend and we’d done 3 just last night.

Anyhow, the more I think about it the more I think this was a dumb thing to put up here - much more amusing for those of us that were there than anyone else. :)

I found it amusing as an ex (and soon to be returned) SWG player. Probably belonged in the games forum, though.