The dangers of video games as 'art'

I came upon this while looking for that story about China being pissed that ‘C&C: Generals’ allowed people to bomb Tianeman square.

And you all thought I was mad:

From Jon Haddock’s Screenshots series: the crash that killed the Princess of Wales, left; a suicide in Saigon to protest the Vietnam War; Tiananmen Square.
STRIPPED – An image from SOD, a project by Jodi that changes the literal Wolfenstein game landscape into abstractions.
TURNING THE FAMILIAR INSIDE OUT – Miltos Manetas created a video sequence in which the game figure Lara Croft repeatedly dies. Jon Haddock makes gamelike re-creations of scenes captured in well-known photographs, like the seizure of Elian Gonzalez by federal agents in a raid in Miami last year (like ‘The Sims’)

“I see things in modern art that I’d like to see in video games,” said Lev Manovich, a writer, artist and associate professor of visual arts at the University of California at San Diego. “Different points of view, subjectivity of characters besides the first person, the sophisticated design of modern architecture. Why do games have level designers but they ignore modern architecture?”

Ummm cause ‘modern’ architecture is crap?

Architecture, art, gaming. This puts me in the mind of our long gone hero Greg Lannes.

If you turn games into art, they aren’t games anymore are they? :roll:

  • Alan

professional ice skating is both.

Sure, but what about a screenshot on the box of a computer game about professional ice skating? Many things are also art, but art itself is often only art.

  • Alan

Are you that spoon-bending kid from the Matrix?

The only thing worse than another damn thread about MOO3-- a thread about “games as art”. Jesus.

Spoon? There is no spoon. Dead horses on the other hand…

Why’d you have to go and ruin a perfectly good thread by dragging MoO3 into it? :P

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Will someone explain to wumpus that not only does he not have to post in every thread, but he doesn’t even have to read every thread?


I’d rather tell Wumpus to create interesting threads that would distract us from posting about what he doesn’t like. Give us a reason not to post about what he doesn’t want to talk about.

Yes, but that takes actual effort.

Do your typing while gyrating on the DDR dance mat. It may help alleviate the boredom.